Andrey Gusin, Andrey Shevchenko and Kakha Kaladze appear in case of Yushchenko's poisoning

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The former player of the national team of Ukraine on soccer Andrey Gusin gave evidences on criminal case about poisoning of the candidate for president Victor Yushchenko. Besides, investigators invited in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of two more known football players - Andrey Shevchenko and Kakha Kaladze.

All three are connected by the friendly relations with Tamaz Tsintsabadze passing on the this case as the witness. Proceeding from the circle of people, interested a consequence, along with David Zhvaniya it "studies" his friend, mister Tsintsabadze - one of participants of a dinner during whom mister Yushchenko was allegedly poisoned.

As it became known, within investigation of criminal case about poisoning of the candidate for president Victor Yushchenko of the indication the former football player of the national team of Ukraine Andrey Gusin gave. According to available information, on the same business investigators invited to interrogation in the Prosecutor General's Office of two more known football players - Kakha Kaladze and Andrey Shevchenko who now play in football club Milan.

- Yes, such fact (evidence on business) really was, - Andrey Gusin confirmed, however refused to specify, than interest of a consequence is caused to it, having referred to that gave a subscription about nondisclosure. - Silly, of course, all this, but what I can make? I was told to come - I and came. It is clear that I don't see in it neither logicians, nor communications... In general where - that not they went to that steppe, - mister Gusin told.

According to information besides that the football players who have interested a consequence played in due time in FC "Dynamo" (Kiev), all three acquaintance to Tamaz Tsintsabadze (Thomas) - the owner of a capital motor show on sale of cars unites a premium - a class and one of participants of a dinner on giving the former first deputy chairman of SBU Vladimir Satsyuk on September 5, 2004 during which, according to the main version of the investigation, and Victor Yushchenko was poisoned.

That day mister Tsintsabadze drove the car in which there were a candidate for president Victor Yushchenko and his authorized representative David Zhvaniya (now - the People's Deputy of "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction).During a dinner it as mister Zhvaniya told later, watched football in the neighboring room.

- Probably, Gusin knows more (that the consequence interested). I as - that didn't ask him on it. He only told that him asked about soccer. And here soccer, what communication? I too went both to prosecutor's office, and in service (Security service of Ukraine) is a debt of each person, but, frankly speaking, interrogation of football players for me is unclear, - Tamaz Tsintsabadze admitted. At the same time he confirmed that Andrey Shevchenko, Andrey Gusin and Kakha Kaladze are "his close friends".

- I in general the fan of soccer - at me am with all eminent football players very good relations. At Gusin I christened the son, with Shevchenko at me joint firm, and Kaladze - the godfather of my younger daughter, - mister Tsintsabadze told.

The deputy general prosecutor Nikolay Golomsha supervising in the State Office of Public Prosecutor (GPU) investigation of the most resonant affairs, declared that about Andrey Gusin's interrogation, and also about the invitation to Andrey Shevchenko and Kakha Kaladze's interrogation he doesn't know.

- What does it have to do with football players? - he was surprised. - It not those figures on which on me report. On me report on serious people - for example, on People's Deputies.

According to mister Golomsha, the question whom to invite to interrogation, is in competence of the head of an investigation team, the senior investigator of the Prosecutor General's Office on Galina Klimovich's especially important issues.

- I am not an investigator and on interrogations I am not engaged in calls. I approve plans (investigations) and if in them any amendments are introduced, someone in addition call, it is necessary to specify at the senior of group, - the deputy public prosecutor declared.

- We don't cause neither journalists, nor football players - we call the people concerning these or those events, instead of by any professional criterion, - madam Klimovich told yesterday. - The same journalists were interrogated not because they are journalists but because they were on friendly terms, maintained close relations with a certain person to whom at us the mass of questions, were in that place which us interests, or at that time which us interests.

- And what in that case caused in you interest to these persons - to Gusin, Shevchenko and Kaladze?

- I won't answer this question because I understand that you once again will try to inflate a problem and to prevent me to investigate case, - madam Klimovich declared in reply.

Proceeding from the circle of people, interested a consequence, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the State Office of Public Prosecutor concentrated on obtaining information at least about two people - to Davide Jvanija and his friend Tamaz Tsintsabadze. Both of them while pass on matter in quality of witnesses. At the same time GPU already interrogated relatives and acquaintances of mister Zhvaniya.

- Reached before that already reached Georgia and interrogate my relatives, acquaintances, schoolmates, classmates, are interested, whether I traded in dioxine! - mister Zhvaniya was indignant earlier. Then refused to come to interrogations to the State Office of Public Prosecutor without lawyer, having explained it to that actions of GPU and Victor Yushchenko's statement give to him the grounds to assume that the consequence can suspect it of poisoning of the head of state.

We will remind, having come to interrogation to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, mister Yushchenko declared that considers involved in the organization of the poisoning David Zhvaniya as the dinner on Vladimir Satsyuk's giving was carried out "at David Vazhayevich's big insistance". Later the general prosecutor Alexander Medvedko reported on the president that the State Office of Public Prosecutor carries out a number of investigative actions in Georgia and Germany, from the subjects "to bring criminal case concerning a certain natural person".


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