Protecting samozastroy, the businessman exposed as a live board the wife and children!

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After the spot news of residents about the proceeding excesses arranged with the businessman of Zavalko on Mira Ave., 42, we immediately went there.

On arrival to the place of the conflict of the Zavalko we any more didn't find - by then the staff of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs delivered it in regional department for evidence. And together with it and his wife who, according to eyewitnesses, zealously tried to protect the spouse, having exposed near itself two small children, and I held the third kid on hands.

The deputy Galina Yaroshenko in the face of whom all that scene was developed, told that it occurred when working ZhEKA according to instructions of representatives of Lenin district administration started cutting off metalwork illegally established to Zavalko:

- This woman suited real "circus". It exposed near herself children of younger school age, the third, one-year-old child, held on hands. She shouted that didn't dare to touch property of her family, and accused the city power that that doesn't allow to work to honest businessmen - though Andrey of Zavalko has no permissions for construction of an extension to its shop. But as it became clear today, the owner of the room in whom the Zavalko equipped food shop which wanted to expand, other person - a certain Alexander Kuznetsov is absolutely.

This owner also appeared in the thick of things. He reported that about all events learned with a week ago, and doesn't approve action of Zavalko to which rented the property. Kuznetsov also noted that the initiative of expansion belonged to Zavalko - that allegedly wanted to reorientate shop under a drugstore. However concerning the unauthorized, illegal actions of the business partner which have caused all these peripetias, Kuznetsov declared:

- Certainly, they conduct to conflict situations both with residents, and with authorities and if it is honest, at me from it too a deposit, and too it is unpleasant to me.

According to the chief of district police officers of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs major Yury Petrov, Zavalko and its companion were detained for administrative violation.

- It interfered with carrying out dismantle of illegally established designs and rendered disobedience to legal requirements of militia, behaved very aggressively. Concerning it the protocol according to Art. 185 of Adminkodeks of Ukraine is formed. This article is considered by court.

Pyotr Molchan, assured the vice-president of Lenin administration that the businessman of Zavalko anyway should answer: and for rough ignoring of laws, for disrespect for inhabitants, for failure to meet requirements of representatives of authorities, to put it briefly, for a complete outrage.

- I promise that we will bring the this matter to the logical end.

The adviser to the mayor Anatoly Pyatak asked to transfer on behalf of inhabitants of the house of the word of gratitude to all who took part in a razrulivaniye of this conflict.

- The Zavalko here shouted, what if the mayor to himself seizes why it is impossible for it? And so I will tell: the mayor suffices nothing. It suffices only the health to help the city and to stop this vandalism. And the Zavalko wants to be Bonaparte. Won't be!

By the way, in the same evening the house No. 42 was disconnected from light so the mechanic didn't manage to finish up to the end work on a cut of illegal designs. Continuation - tomorrow at 9.00


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