Murderer of the founder

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that the staff of criminal investigation department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area detained one of suspects of commission of brutal murder of the founder of "Slavic clinic" V. Shevchika and his wives.

We will remind, On November 11, in the city of Nikolaev, in own apartment which is in one of houses on Karl Liebknecht St., two corpses were found. On a body of the man and the woman (both 1959 year of birth) experts revealed numerous chopped wounds of the head and cut wounds of a neck. The murderer stole the large sum of money (about $60 thousand) and jewelry which were stored in the safe from the apartment. The total cost of the stolen is estimated approximately at $80 thousand.

The murderer appeared certain And. the native of the Dagestan republic of 1981 year of birth, nowadays living in Bigger Korenikhe. The young man is married, he has two children. As it became clear, it worked for the victim as the driver, functions of the bodyguard were assigned to it also.

We will remind, material evidences were withdrawn from the detainee - jewelry which were stolen from the safe of the killed. The murderer already gave confession.

He told that that day came on a visit to the employers. With himself the guy brought a cognac bottle. Besides, it took with itself(himself) an axe - the young man was going to commit for a long time a crime. Owners opened a door, invited the guest to divide with them a dinner. About an hour they sat at a table. Soon the hostess went to an office and sat down at the computer. In a few minutes she asked the guest to help with connection to the Internet. It together with it went to an office. Having chosen a moment when the hostess turned to it a back, the guy pulled out an axe and several times knocked the woman on the head.

After that it went to kitchen where the same fate comprehended also the host. However it it seemed to the guy a little therefore he cut a throat to spouses.

Having killed owners, the criminal opened the safe, got from there all money and jewelry. After that the guy took away everything what I touched in the apartment, and left a crime scene.The murderer threw out a knife and an axe to the river near Varvarovsky Bridge. I dug money and jewelry in the country, and clothes in which committed a crime, and mobile phones of owners which too I took from the apartment, it burned.

At present the criminal is sent to No. 20 pre-trial detention center. As it was succeeded to learn, investigative experiment during which the arrested showed how he committed this crime where hid money and jewelry and where burned the clothes was made.

This resonant crime at once got on personal control to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the general - to the militia major Anatoly Naumenko.

As already reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the murderer had an accomplice, his godfather. About it it was succeeded to learn only that is the man of a Slavic nationality and his name is Alexander. The accomplice isn't found yet, searches proceed.


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