The bum killed the friend from - for eaten cutlets

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In Nikolaev homeless a knife I killed the friend that that ate his cutlets. After murder the suspect went to the neigbour to drink vodka. There also I told about the act. Scared citizens caused militia.

Beggars Yury and Anatoly lived in the half-ruined house in Nikolaev. Both begged some years under church.

In one day parishioners gave to Anatoly a pie "Napoleon" and some cutlets. That brought food home to have supper with the companion. But Yury ate everything. Between men there was a fight.

Olga Perederenko, the head of OSO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area: "I took a wooden stick and I began to strike blows to the head. When Yury lay with the blood-stained head, he saw a knife and struck some stabs in the back".

After slaughter Anatoly went to the neigbour to ask money for vodka. During conversation the beggar told the woman that committed a crime.

Evgenia Stetsenko, neigbour: "I left in the morning to buy bones, and he sat. - Who? - Well, here this that now took away. Speaks: give 30 kopeks, and at me isn't present more. There someone left chips, he speaks: let's eat. He told that on Wednesday killed Yura a stick on the head. To it people carried from church: brought three cutlets, a piece of a pie. And this Yura took and ate. I speak to it: you underdeveloped, for three cutlets and a half-pie you killed it".

After a straight talk with Anatoly neighbors caused at once militia. Militiamen quickly found the bum and brought to a site.

Anatoly, detainee: How old are you? - To me 52. - You where - that work? - No, I am homeless. - Families aren't present? - I am homeless the second year, and so in the north I fulfilled 30 years. I am sick with diabetes sugar".

The detainee Anatoly in murder confessed at once. The act homeless explained so:

Anatoly, detainee: "The man one offended me, too the bum. It hit me, I it. Now it is a corpse, and I am still live. He is a rat in nature, it steals everything - both food and money. I warned him: so it is impossible. I spoke to it: look, so it is impossible. And so I got into a mess: it stole from me products and the money was. - You it here caned this? - Yes. - Show as? - Here so - between an eye".

Now the bum gives evidences to militiamen.Its destiny will be soon defined by court.


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