V. Yushchenko awarded nikolayevets who made a contribution to the educational activity directed on illumination of the truth about the Holodomor

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"On behalf of the state I would like to thank for careful attitude to our shrines - our freedom, our territorial integrity and our independence", - Victor Yushchenko told yesterday during rewarding of figures who made the contribution to Holodomor research.

The president called symbolical that this year two dates - Day of Freedom and 75-I anniversary of the Holodomor coincided on November 22.

"I am convinced that this event which remains behind the Ukrainian nation. It gave enormous chance for changes in Ukraine", - Victor Yushchenko told about historical value of events of fall of 2004 taking into account which on November 22 in Ukraine it was declared in the Afternoon of Freedom.

In the performance the Head of state once again emphasized that Hunger of 1932-33 had artificial character.

"It was fight for our freedom, fight for our independence. This murder by hunger, and lessons which the today's generation needs to take from here proceed and to transfer further that it didn't repeat", - Victor Yushchenko stated.

The president thanked researchers for restoration of the historical truth about the Holodomor and noted success of efforts of the Ukrainian diplomacy directed on the international recognition of this tragedy of the Ukrainian nation.

Also V. Yushchenko signed the Decree No. 1061/2008 "About rewarding with the state awards of Ukraine" according to which, for a powerful personal contribution to celebration of memory of victims of genocide of the Ukrainian people in connection with 75-oh anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine, the educational activity directed on illumination of the truth about the Holodomor, awards and our fellow countrymen received.

"For Merits" of the III degree are awarded the order Igor Nikolaev - the deputy director of Institute of history and the right of NSU of V. Sukhomlinsky and Valentin Shkvarets - professor of chair of an ukrainoznavstvo Nikolaev uchebno - scientific institute of the Odessa national university of I. Mechnikov.

Award "For m


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