Tortures in militia

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This subject more than once lifted in mass media. As a rule, the loud heading is followed by the story with naturalistic details, and the paragraph which main sense is reduced to angry "How long finishes article? ! ". Meanwhile, seemingly, still nobody tried to understand this problem, didn't make attempts to understand, "executioners in shoulder straps" from where undertake and where to look for sources of this terrible phenomenon.

On the Internet, on "Argument - a forum", one of his participants, making comments on the next message on tortures in militia, I asked: "What it is professional deformation or initially to militia there are such people? " The answer to this question will be given by partial understanding of sources of the phenomenon, and therefore with it and will begin.
Who goes to militia?

In the course of a growing the romanticism cast by books and TV series, disappears, but all the same thousands young people arrive in militia educational institutions. Why? Hardly anyone - that of entrants plans to live bribes and tortures of persons under investigation. That is such copies for certain come across, but not they make bulk of future attendants of the law. Most likely, matter in other. Those who choose a profession of the militiaman, appreciate force and the power. It isn't good and it isn't bad, simply certain qualities are peculiar to each profession. The weak-willed biologist doesn't look strange, another matter - the militiaman, the military or the firefighter. The people choosing service in militia, consciously or unconsciously want to see themselves strong, strong-willed and aspire to the power. Not to the power "career" (though careerists in militia suffice), and to the power of more "functional" - the power to influence someone's lives.

Professional deformation

The average citizen faces "a life wrong side", having fallen a victim, for example, criminals or having appeared in militia on suspicion in commission of crime. The ordinary militiaman, operas or the district police officer, faces "wrong side" daily.And very quickly it develops that in the usual world is called as "callousness" though actually it is the protective mechanism necessary not to go crazy. The woman with tears complains the opera, tells about the son beaten by hooligans. Operas in reply, yawning, is interested: "Will live? The disabled person doesn't become? ". On it its personal interest in business comes to an end. For operating time of people I saw hundreds beaten, and that for the majority of us the tragedy, for the militiaman simply next "material" (the folder with the statement of the victim and other accompanying documents). Business here at all that militiaman "stale" by nature: the natural human feeling of compassion becomes dull every year services in militia. Otherwise the militiaman will be expected soon by a strait jacket, either hard drinkings, or drugs (such, unfortunately, it happens).

Except tolerance to others grief, tolerance to cruelty usually develops. When you face cruelty daily, estimates of severity of deeds are inevitably displaced. And - and this main thing - at first deeds others, and then and the attendant of the law. On it the feeling of the power (it the militia certificate gives) and too frequent "living hell" (them "protective mechanisms" aren't capable to dull any) is imposed. We, inhabitants, hardly can imagine that felt the opera which detained the geeks who have killed a family, and then playing the cut-off human head in soccer. Not we interrogated in an ambulance car 13 - the summer girl raped and beaten by several bandits, didn't tell it to parents that their child died on the way to hospital in five minutes after reported signs of criminals. Both of these cases told old the opera. These stories were remembered because criminals were detained almost at once and the opera, their detained, with them, to put it mildly, "were very cruel" (but in these cases we after all won't condemn militiamen? ).

In a word, work in a condition of a constant stress inevitably leads to deformation of the personality. It is possible to be protected from it, in fact, only in such a way - to leave bodies or to try to pass to "paper work".

But between the "professional deformed" militiaman and "executioner" - a big distance to overcome which the phenomenon only casually mentioned in mass media helps. This phenomenon is called...

Baculine system

Everyone "the practicing militiaman" (shtabist we don't take into account) is obliged to give out in a definite time "on - the mountain" certain indicators: it is so much - that is opened crimes, it is so much - that is got affairs, it is so much - that is detained or arrested the person, etc. Besides, there is the main indicator which a sword of Damocles hangs over the head of each regional department or management, - "solvability percent". You have good percent of solvability - there is a possibility of career growth. The bad percent means reprimands from the administration, so, farewell, the next rank, a new position. Therefore "to open at any cost" becomes a priority of each militia head who demands the same from subordinates. How criminal case was investigated, "beat out" indications from the suspect or not is by and large militia chiefs excites a little. As that fact excites them a little that many criminal cases come back from vessels to a dorassledovaniye or are scattered in ashes during court sessions. The main thing - "stick" (so militiamen call detected crime unit) I got to the reporting. Certainly, for the affairs disorganized in vessels punish militiamen, but already then, and the just anger of the administration needs to be extinguished now. Here also the anger "is extinguished", and "sticks" by knocking-out of indications from the person under investigation are drawn.

This problem, by the way, has one more party. Not always the person under investigation is innocent, but almost always in court he declares that recognitions from it were beaten out. If in few proofs and it was under construction on indications of the person under investigation, the judge pronounces the verdict of not guilty, and the person even if he really committed a crime, evades responsibility.

Except race behind indicators, there is one more reason of tortures - banal extortion, but this subject has something in common with a corruption subject in law enforcement agencies and deserves at least separate article. Here I will note only that extortion "under tortures" - a consequence of personal qualities and the professional deformation, multiplied by corruption in law enforcement agencies.


Professional deformation of attendants of the law - it is visible, "illness" international. And the "baculine" system to some extent is present, seemingly, at the majority of police structures.Eventually, an unsolved crime - always a headache for the attendant of an order, regardless of what language this person speaks and what uniform wears. Otherwise how to explain that fact what torture in polices even the "developed" countries?

Many for certain saw the French movie "Dobermann terrier" where - the psychopath Savyer Kristini excellent I played a role of the police officer Kario's Checks. It is interesting that this character isn't far from reality: all Europe knows about cruelty of the French police officers. Moreover, in France the police is allocated with much more large powers, than our militia. For example, the French police officer can detain anyone for two days and isn't obliged to explain something thus. For comparison - in Ukraine it is possible to detain without a charge at two o'clock and that "for an identification".

On "the democracy homeland", in the USA, annually is registered to 20 thousand cases of violation by police officers of human rights. Thousands of American police officers are annually accused of cruelty, an unreasonable use of weapons, beating and even murders of detainees. Steadily the State of Texas of which the fifth part of all charges of cruelty of the American police officers is the share is in the lead on this indicator.


Rather safe Germany too came into the view of human rights activists: the German justice very skillfully covers executioners in shoulder straps. In a number of federal lands of this country annually stop from 85 to 99% of all investigated cases against peace officers, and only 1-6% of such affairs come to the end with indictments. Affairs against police officers stop with the formulation "in the absence of the sufficient bases to suspicion in commission of crime".

What to do?

The author can reproach that he becomes on protection "executioners in shoulder straps", but it not so. Personally I am convinced that "executioners" are worthy the most severe punishment. But to punish for separate cases is not a solution. Urgent and deep reforming of law enforcement agencies is necessary. And reform has to concern first of all "baculine system".

Practically all Ministers of Internal Affairs of independent Ukraine spoke about the intention to fight against "baculine system", a peculiar atavism of planned USSR system. But any minister, including present, practically made nothing in this direction.On - former the opera and district police officers instead of in details understanding affairs, are involved in absurd race behind indicators.

It is necessary to make changes to the legislation. The Ukrainian laws in which it is a question of the attitude towards detainees and persons under investigation, are rather liberal. It is necessary to achieve only that laws were carried out. The new resolutions adjusting mechanisms of control of law enforcement agencies are for this purpose necessary.

Besides, it is necessary to change the relation to the problem. Very few of those people who faced a physical abuse in militia, address with complaints in prosecutor's office or to human rights activists. The overwhelming majority of victims prefer "not to communicate". And the person thus doesn't worry that the militiaman who has beaten it will arrive tomorrow in the same way with the following detainee, then with one... The impunity giving a free hand "executioners", partly keeps on that silence which surrounds a problem of tortures in militia.

Professional deformation in work of militiamen is inevitable, solvability for any militiaman or the police officer anyway always will be a priority task. In those countries where the care of human rights is declared as a priority problem of the state, the problem of tortures in law enforcement agencies isn't less actual, than in Ukraine. I will introduce the seditious idea: finally it is impossible to eradicate this phenomenon. But fight against it is similar to fight against criminal crime - to eradicate tortures in law enforcement agencies as the phenomenon it is impossible, but it is necessary to fight against it. Otherwise the country will be overflowed by a wave of a militia arbitrariness. And this arbitrariness is much more dangerous, than an arbitrariness of ordinary criminals. For the ordinary bandit he is necessary, and for the bandit in shoulder straps - the state.


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