People on the street

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The history which happened to one of inhabitants of our city, throws in shock. Having retired, the woman decided to rent the room in the apartment and let in lodgers. Soon it had to go to hospital. Having come back home after treatment, she came across a new door of own apartment. The former lodgers, feeling like full owners, handed over it documents on sale of its housing. The woman was on street.
It is known that judicial proceedings, especially in similar questions, can last at us for years. To the person it is necessary where - that to live every day. So our heroine appeared in Nikolaevsk the regional center of the accounting of homeless citizens.
The director of the center Vladimir GUSAROV who has told about this fact, considers that the problem of homelessness turned into one of the most serious for modern society. According to him, it is less than 5 percent among 1800 homeless nikolayevets registered by the center are thorough idlers and idlers to whom in life it is necessary nothing. The vast majority of citizens aren't violators of laws, and became the homeless by any fatal accident: lost the apartment, remained without native, were deceived. Is more increasing among them than women and youth, and this tendency is very disturbing. After all if homeless and unnecessary society there are women aged from 18 till 27 years, so also the number of children who will inherit this fortune soon will increase, and will be deprived of any vital prospects. Today the whole class of outcast citizens from society is formed!
And after all 85 percent of the homeless now are able-bodied citizens who can not only earn to itself a living, but also pay taxes. The majority of such people the average and secondary vocational education have, every fifth - the highest and incomplete the highest. However, recently among the homeless it appears more and more those who in general never visited any educational institutions.
In Nikolaev the situation is aggravated with that is almost only city in Ukraine where there is no doss house for the homeless. Still there is also no female shelter, and also a social hostel for temporary residence of the homeless - disabled people. The need for these establishments ripened long ago.
Our city keeps as well sad superiority in Ukraine by number of the disadvantaged living simply on streets: among registered in the center of the accounting of the homeless them nearly 70 percent.
At the same time in Nikolaev there was one of the country's first shelters for bums - men seven years ago. In the Luparevsky psychoneurological boarding school the office for citizens of advanced age and the disabled people who have left places of imprisonment is opened. 5% of the homeless can use services of existing establishments only!
Special concern is caused in experts by a state of health of the people deprived of normal conditions of accommodation. Statistically, about 15 percent from them have tuberculosis, and thus they were never surveyed and not treated. At every fifth syphilis, is found in 6 percent - HIV/AIDS, at 90 percent - various skin diseases are revealed.
One more burning issue Vladimir Gusarov calls absence of documents at the nikolayevets who have been on street. In particular, from 7 establishments of execution of the punishments existing in the Nikolaev area, every month is released about 200 people. A half of them has no passports, housing or registration. In the center apply a maximum of efforts that the person who has been in a desperate situation, received the passport and other necessary documents, a smog then find work and the place of residence. However for this work the center needs at least two more regular employees.
The further picture of succession of events can be similar to horror films. The citizens who have "dropped out" of normal society, join then ranks of alcoholics, addicts and criminals. In the future the state should spend million funds for construction of the new narcological centers and clinics, for the maintenance of the whole army of militiamen to protect society from the "run wild" citizens. However today funds for preventing terrible consequences of homelessness, at the state categorically aren't. Neither in city, nor in the regional budget there is no money for opening of a female shelter in Nikolaev (on the account already cost 60 women needing temporary residence).
Probably, the part of the building of Ternovsky hospital will be suitable for this purpose. Vladimir Gusarov counts that there will take place either a shelter, or social chambers for temporary residence of the homeless who has passed treatment in city hospitals. Recent patients after an extract have no place to go therefore chambers can become for them a temporary haven.


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