"The prime minister - the militiaman"

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When at the very beginning of present political crisis presidential ministers tried in Tymoshenko's peak to ignore meeting of Cabinet of Ministers, Yury Lutsenko on them remained. According to him, he isn't fully Tymoshenko's supporter, but in the conflict between the president and the prime minister Lutsenko - the politician on her party. And as the Interior Minister it became the coordinator of the most noisy innovation of the last time - the new rigid traffic regulations which have come into force a week ago. Thus, arguing on a situation on roads, Lutsenko speaks as the passenger: itself he doesn't drive the car. And to learn to drive won't go any more. "Too many thoughts occupied my head, and too many issues should be resolved by phone, - he explains. - Such driver is dangerous on the road. I have a good driver to whom I trust".

- Yury Vitalyevich, here week new penalties work. Obviously, the sums of bribes on roads increased also.

- First of all responsibility for them grew! If earlier attempt to put ten or the twenty to the GAI officer was considered as small corruption act, now bribery in 100 or 500 hryvnias is penal action as for this purpose who takes, and for this purpose who gives. For the last some days criminal cases against 9 people for bribery attempt from 100 to 500 hryvnias are brought. Employees of GAI today it is total the staff of department of internal security checks. And the first precedent already is. In Vinnytsia the police officer is convicted of receiving a bribe of 100 hryvnias. He is dismissed from GAI and will answer further under the law.

But it is best of all to fight against corruption the equipment helps.The car shoot with the camera and send to the home address of the driver the photo which has recorded violation. The violator is obliged either to pay a penalty, or to have legal proceedings with us. Today by means of equipment 17-20% of all violations are fixed. In the I quarter of next year we will increase number of cameras to 1000, it will allow to fix to 70% of violations. Thus, contact of drivers and the staff of GAI will be minimized.

- In Kharkov say that after adoption of law for a place in GAI pay on 20 thousand dollars.

- In GAI I don't see any surge in reception. In Kiev - about 20% of vacancies. Everything who tells the return, can register in GAI and personally check it.

The fourth anniversary of orange revolution last Friday Yury Lutsenko with three more "field commanders" Nikolay Tomenko, Vladimir Filenka and Taras Stetsjkivy celebrated without pathos - at first on the Maidan, then at restaurant. They were the only politicians who publicly celebrated this date. Commanders didn't invite leaders of the Maidan. "They had to make it if planned to celebrate anniversary, - the minister considers. - But in Yushchenko's lexicon, for example, for the last year I at all didn't hear the word "Maidan"".

- When there will be a resignation of the government of Tymoshenko? For it supposedly prepare in Rada.

- Yes, it is possible to find an occasion and to express in Cabinet of Ministers no confidence. But after all it won't lead to its change! For this purpose it is necessary to create at first the coalition from 226 deputies. And to imagine any of coalition formats today it is difficult. In parliament there was a stalemate when can't move neither the party led by Party of Regions, nor the party led by BYuT.

According to Yury Lutsenko, the so-called group "Rosukrenergo" presented by some нардепами from Party of Regions is interested in resignation of the government of Tymoshenko. It should be noted that Lutsenko not the first who mentions existence in the power of such informal team. About same Focus was spoken earlier by Taras Chornovil left ranks of regionals.

- G - N Firtash (the co-owner of "Rosukrenergo". - Focus) - the main engine of political changes in the country. Tymoshenko's last actions in the relations with the Russian Federation led to removal of this structure from gas schemes. Naturally, such situation doesn't suit many who earned on it. They pedal government change to manage to change the draft of the gas agreement and to restore there intermediary firm.Unless incidentally the Nadra bank passes into the sphere business - interests of mister Firtash, the National Bank to it right there allocates 7 billion hryvnias, and the president removes a ban on privatization of the Odessa port plant in which Firtash is interested long ago? All this suggests an idea of the general business - interest which begins in the Secretariat of the president and Lytvyna comes to an end in Party of Regions and Blok.

- How you consider why dismissed Yatsenyuk? For cooperation with Tymoshenko?

- I think that Yatsenyuk displaced from a post of the speaker from - for personal ambitions of Balogi and with the connivance of the president Yushchenko. And "cooperation with Tymoshenko" - same favourite court game. To come running and cry: "The chief, everything was gone, and this was on sale Yul! " This game is used many years. Yatsenyuk wasn't Tymoshenko's person. Sometimes they, understanding importance of this or that question, agreed about owls - local actions. But really it is a compromising evidence if the speaker and the prime minister, say, together advance the law on traffic? I here see only one: desire to move away the competitor against conversations oh, to inevitable resignation of Balogi. And Victor Yushchenko took the position close to Gorbachev in Forosa during putsch: "Will win - we will head, will lose - we will condemn". But in this case lost nothing and didn't win.

- That is now Yatsenyuk in your camp - camp of supporters of BYuT?

- I am not Yulia Timoshenko's full supporter. Simply today I consider that the majority of its actions is directed on the state benefit, unlike her opponents protecting clan interests. Where there will be mister Yatsenyuk? We will look. While he speaks about the party though I personally don't understand, why to him it is necessary. Time when each politician had to get own political force, passed. There comes an era of two-party model. Though I am not the supporter of it and did everything in order that in the country there was third force.

- According to Ivan Plyushcha, the number of supporters of the coalition of PR and NUNS in Rada increases. He told focus that more than 40 people will go to such option only from "our Ukraine". In what their interest?

- Ivy - the big dreamer with Bank. To present that many of those who subscribed under the document on a demkoalition, will put the signature under the contract on the coalition with PR led by Yanukovych, I can't. Them really try to incline to this coalition, but at the head not with Yanukovych, and with a certain interim technical prime minister - "the savior of economy".Such ideas wander in parliament, this work is actively supported by the Secretariat.

- And who this savior?

- In them at us never a shortcoming was. We will tell, at present it is a question of the one who is the parliamentary leader of Rosukrenergo group. His name not a secret (obviously, means ex-the minister of energy industry in Yanukovych's government Yury Boyko. - edition).

- You regularly see the prime minister, what mood at it now?

- Yulia Vladimirovna was very tired. It is visible even on TV. All these attacks aren't in vain. The government is bound hand and foot: without budget, privatization, coordinate policy with National Bank... Tymoshenko isn't innocent, but in this case I on her party. As it didn't choose an easy way - to go to opposition with huge chance to become the president, and stoops on the country, losing the rating, doing a lot of things for minimization of consequences of crisis.

- You remember that moment when stopped being the supporter of the president? What its act was defining in this sense?

- Disagreements began right after elections. I yet wasn't a minister and uttered the phrase: "Perhaps you shouldn't think of the second term very much? You have a good international and humanitarian policy. Perhaps it is worth giving the chance to Tymoshenko to work in social and economic spheres? A team job" would be got. The answer was, approximately, such: "You began to think of yourselves too much and forgot about the leader". Well and serious crisis happened already during early elections in Kiev when the president suggested me to create the antibyutovsky coalition with Leonid Chernovetsky. I told that it is impossible first of all from - for my office information on Chernovetsky. On what answered me: "Throw the cops' features. Nobody will go to prison from those who comes into my office in a tie". In a fit of temper I publicly retold this phrase that became the reason of a complete separation from the president. After that I have no opportunity to communicate with Yushchenko. The only platform of communication with the president - the National Security and Defense Council, from where me it isn't impossible to expel.

- There is an impression that you actively fight against the president.

- My criticism цаправлена only on informing the point of view. Yes, I have no opportunity to discuss is with it in an office. Therefore I am sometimes compelled to make public statements. But I don't want to fall to level of Nikolay Rudkovsky which, being the minister, Yushchenko - геть went with the plate "! ".It is possible not to support the point of view of the president, but to offend him or язвить concerning his political prospects it would be wrong.

- If BYuT suddenly creates the coalition with regionals, "Self-defense" will join it?

- The union of whom is now possible want and with whom you want! There are politicians to whom I won't offer a hand, but there are no political forces with which it is impossible to have conversation on advantage for the country. We need to construct Ukraine on European standards and if this process became the purpose of the coalition of any color, I would support it.

- You actively untwisted case of flights of Balogi for the state account. For what?

- There are two histories about flights of Balogi. The first - when it flied as the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to Zakarpatye, and the second when it already as the head of the Secretariat of the president flied at the expense of offshore firms which, according to our data, are connected with weapon business. On the first history we sent documents to prosecutor's office. And here we can't collect other materials completely from - for refusal of Audit Chamber to check the State executive officer, after all neither CREWE, nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs have no such right. In this situation, on - to mine, indecently silence of Balogi. If it tens times flied with a family, colleagues both about the country, and abroad, has to answer why these flights were financed by the offshore companies. And after all the concrete firm registered in Greece and organized in Panama appears in this episode. Let Baloga will tell why it flied, for example, to Milan exactly at her expense. If it was production need, the crime structure here isn't present. But the matter is that the g - N of Baloga incidentally lit "granaries" of firms which are insurers - notorious "Faina's" forwarding agents. When there was a tragedy to "Faina", these firms emerged outside. Therefore Victor Baloga also is silent. And silence it is eloquent, as well as that fact that recently it departed to Zakarpatye by trip plane.

- By the way, how are you doing about flights?

- Yes, against Lutsenko brought criminal case. Collected tens volumes and were convinced that each my flight was caused by office need. Business closed because of absence of structure of a crime.

- And case of your fight with Chernovetsky than ended?

- I know nothing. Once interrogated, took a subscription about nondisclosure. Now I sit and I wait. Chernovetsky it seems not bad feels. I became the official billionaire, I bought роллс - Royce with a convertible top and at the airport directly on it meets the president.Puzzled questions of officials answers: "It is possible for me, I am the official billionaire".

At the end of August Yury Lutsenko specially went on leave to go to the USA on congress of Democratic party where Barack Obama officially accepted the offer to become the candidate for president. On one of expert versions, the most cordial relations with camp of democrats are improved at Yulia Timoshenko. Lutsenko doesn't discuss it, but precisely knows that the new shtatovsky president - the best option for Ukraine.

- Obama is more favorable than McCain because democrats support Ukraine as the state instead of as argument in a cowboy's duel against Russia to our country.


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