In the Nikolaev area every month HIV - an infection catches to 150 people

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The chief physician Irina Kochergina told journalists of the Nikolaev editions about work of stationary office of the Nikolaev regional center of prevention and HIV treatment - AIDS today, on December 1.

During excursion on the case it reminded that in this medical institution deal with disease consequences, and on December 1 consider not only in the World afternoon of fight against AIDS, but also in the World afternoon of solidarity and the tolerant relation to sick with AIDS.

The stationary office of the center solemnly opened on March 17, 2008. At a ceremony there was an ambassador of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor. Repair was carried out within one and a half years on means from the regional budget, and also department of defensive cooperation of the USA. In total about 1 million UAH is spent. Addressing to foreign department which is engaged in arrangement and disbandment of military hospitals, the staff of the Nikolaev center had to find data on time of construction of the building and its history in archive: after all once here too there was a military hospital. Besides Americans provided to the center and humanitarian assistance in a type of furniture with which arranged some premises of the center. Now on a hospital fine conditions for stay and treatment of patients are created: purely, warmly, there is a hot water. The former view of rooms is recorded in photos which are hanged out near the updated rooms.

According to Irina Kochergina, now in office of 60 beds, from which 10 - hospice. In total on the account in the regional center 5 thousand 200 people consist. 80% from the needing receive anti-retrovirus therapy.

"Unfortunately, deliveries of preparations arrive to us with essential delay in some months. Also it depends not so much on the Ministry of health protection, how many on existing system of the organization of tenders, - Irina Kochergina speaks. - The tender stretches in time. Instead of receiving drugs in March - April, we receive them in October, November, December. It turns out that we on the reserve preparations are six, eight, and even nine months. Therefore we violate orders according to which we have to have a stock of preparations for six months, we leave it for 9 months.After all our therapy - continuous, for one day we can't interrupt treatment of our patients. Now anti-retrovirus therapy is received by 960 people".

From total of the patients who are on hospitalization now, about a half - consumers of injecting drugs, and a half got an infection sexually. Irina Kochergina told to journalists frightening figures: "In our area about 150 people, from them where - that the person 70 - sexually are infected every month. And daily someone dies of HIV - an infection or accompanying pathologies. About 5 people are infected in day, and one of them leaves is much. Especially as we have people of young, reproductive and able-bodied age".

"AIDS - for our area the trouble very actual, - continued a subject the chief of regional management of health protection Svetlana Hotina. - Rates of distribution of an illness decrease, but the incidence remains very high. We hold in it sad leadership in Ukraine. Today 50% infected are people who didn't use drugs, and caught sexually. Unfortunately, unprepared citizens get to trouble. We want that they knew: there is an establishment where they will always find support. Help both government institutions, and public organizations.

But our motto today the such: let's be saved from this misfortune together! It is necessary to warn youth, to explain to young people as it is possible to avoid infection. We support a healthy lifestyle and morality! ".

Patients received as a gift grocery sets from Hour Zhittya charity foundation, and members of Yunitus charity foundation gave to physicians of the center for work some packings of injection syringes.

Came to support patients also representatives of the religious organizations, in particular, the Viphany center.


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