Yury Lutsenko: with the prime minister - the minister we call up, and the relations between SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – normal, business

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko told, how many money recently caught swindlers enticed from King's Capital and Robert Fletcher at citizens.

Why the Ministry of Internal Affairs "covered" King's Capital just now? After all mass media wrote that is the next financial pyramid, still about two years ago …

It is possible the matter is that to write anything. For example, the press writes that Lutsenko in Kagarlyke has 200 hectares of the earth, and I there never in life was.

The militia can react only to statements of citizens. Besides, honestly I admit, about King's Capital I hear about publications for the first time. I know only that today we have over 60 statements of citizens that they invested money in this company and can't return them. The damage caused to people as a result of fraud, makes, according to preliminary estimates, 150-180 million dollars. As you know, we detained the organizer of this scheme Alexander Bandurchenko. After that we went to Goloseevsky court of Kiev behind permission to his arrest and a search, but to us, I will remind, refused.


It is difficult to tell. Ask judges. For me it was a signal of possible political and administrative pressure upon business. Therefore I am interested every day as there is a process. Some days later Appellate court everything is made the decision to arrest Bandurchenko. Go it is investigative - prompt actions.

It is known that the majority of investors were parishioners of the God's Embassy organization...

Yes. Proceeding from an evidence, there are bases to claim that the pastor Sandey Adeladzha himself is involved in this scheme. I hope, on open trial the public will be able to be convinced of it. I think that the citizen Bandurchenko and three citizens released on recognizance, were only performers in this swindle. For us the main thing - to establish intermediaries, organizers and recipients of the stolen millions.

In this regard I was pleased by a guarantee of the mayor Leonid Chernovetsky who was charged for Adeladzhi's cleanliness. Especially considering that the mayor became recently the official billionaire. Therefore its guarantees will be useful to those who suffered in this swindle.

Why Bandurchenko was detained only? And his partners - Safonov, Lagunov and Eresko who also are founders of a financial pyramid, aren't arrested?

They are released on recognizance. But criminal case is brought concerning all three persons, after all they were engaged in collecting and transfer unspecified while to persons of a huge number of cash.

On balance of this organization there was a property, real estate, allotments in Makarov in number of about 150 hectares and an action of several enterprises. What with them?

We arrested this property and forbade its alienation. Though perfectly we understand that the cost of real estate can't cover all damage caused to citizens.

Accounts of firm are also arrested?

Yes. Besides, the consequence underwent long procedure of disclosure of bank secret. And now we work on accounts.

Employees of UBEP experience difficulties with the wiretap. Why they have no access to it, after all it considerably would accelerate their work?

Such is the legislation. The decree of the president in 2005 we handed over in Security service all devices for monitoring of telecommunications. And to receive any information on telephone negotiations, we have to undergo difficult procedure: to get permission of court, to address in SBU. When security service specialists have time, they are engaged in it. It is the whole song! That is process of receiving access to system rather difficult. After all the gratitudes offer from persons involved in the wiretap to the police officer can reach one million dollars. And the present legislation is absolutely inadequate to a criminogenic situation in Ukraine and to corruption level in power structures. The only way - demonopolization and competition of militiamen.

As though you characterized relationship between SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the light of a political situation?

Normal, business. It is impossible to speak about these departments generally. Both there, and there the majority is the very qualified basic workers. Both there, and there are the people using official position, cooperating with criminals. Therefore there is a weekly cleaning of ranks. For this year in the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a result of work of system of internal security about 450 employees are dismissed, more than three thousand are brought to the disciplinary responsibility, about five hundred are brought to trial.

When employees of UBEP performed operation on capture of office of King's Capital, there was already neither money, nor the seals. And Bandurchenko there didn't appear some days though before I happened at office daily. He was warned?

It isn't connected with leak from power structures. Simply organizers of the scheme slammed a financial trap for people, and граж - Bandurchenko's tannin intimidated.

To Robert Fletcher's scheme there was the same history, as to King's Capital. Why detained just now?

Statements of citizens became a reason for arrest. At present them 22. But every day this figure increases in a geometrical progression. The geography of victims extends on 28 cities of the country. The amount of damage, according to operational data, makes about 400 million dollars. Itself I can't believe in such scope!

Whether the criminogenic situation generally about the country amplified?

Yes. Today the Ministry of Internal Affairs prepares for active increase the makhinatsionnykh and the roguish schemes connected with housing. Here I have to be engaged in self-criticism and remember that in 2006 the first signal about "Elite - the Center" wasn't actively fulfilled by militia. Today the suspected Shakhov - Volkonsky and his accomplices are detained, but the huge money which has been taken out abroad not to return any more.

Volkonsky refuses to give evidences. How it is possible to advance business thus? Investigators from it beat out indications or how?

At us everything is removed on video. The investigator cultural asks him, and he answers as considers it necessary. From it it isn't necessary to beat out anything - we after all have enough proofs of his fault. But we have to ask about the law to it all questions. After that business will be completed and brought to trial at the beginning of the next year.

The director of the department of control over production and a turn of alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products State tax Igor Gonchar was caught on a large bribe. How this business moves ahead?

The militia carries out prompt actions, and proceedings against the official are initiated by prosecutor's office. In this case the Organized Crime Control Department together with one of the best special investigators of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Zherditsky created an investigation team. As a result of a search much more cash was found in a study and the house of the Potter, than the bribe sum makes.The consequence has also expeditious records of its conversations about bribe extortion. The Pechersky court rejected the petition of the investigator for his deduction under guards, considering a state of health of the suspect. But soon, as declare in GPU, this business will be brought to trial. From materials of field investigators I know that there are enough proofs confirming his fault.

The same situation and on another matters about bribery. By the way, if I criticized results of collaboration on bribery of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's office earlier, this year we work quite successfully. Actually all one and a half thousand affairs on bribery were excited in the country thanks to collaboration. However the judicial system doesn't maintain any criticism. From one and a half thousand affairs only 30-40 decisions were about the conclusion of the defendant. Thus in 2008 we recorded that the sum of bribes exceeds everything the last five years. That is in the investigations we came to the average level of vzyatkosobiratel where criminal billions are forged. Generally it concerns chairmen rural and the City Councils, workers regional and the regional state administrations and committees on land resources. That is where there is big land Klondike.

And how business of head Goskomzem Vladimir Vojvodina against which criminal case is also brought moves ahead?

Everything began with that the Organized Crime Control Department collected materials on criminal group "Kapitoshki" which was engaged in the different types of crimes concerning the land questions. Materials were transferred to prosecutor's office where the deputy public prosecutor Rinat Kuzmin brought criminal case under the article "Gangsterism". It is one of the heaviest articles of the Criminal code. On this case the suspect there passes Kapitonov. It in search, also is data that it disappears in the territory of the Russian Federation. Also his accomplices, for example, mister Zayats (detained in Odessa) were detained also. They gave important evidences on the basis of which the consequence and made the decision to discharge Vojvodina of a post.

That is Voyevodin is now detached from work in Goskomzem?

Yes. In particular, at meeting of Council of national safety and defense Goskomzem represented the person fulfilling duties of the chairman, and earlier it was three times judged. (Laughs. ) Absurdity! To it in due time incriminated many crimes, beginning from forgery to a robbery of exchange office.In general this meeting was very interesting. One party said that Goskomzem where to positions appoints the government, is a corruption nursery. Other party indicated a vertical of presidential administration where only for this year 150 criminal cases about bribery were brought. Actually modern legislation allows to steal at all levels. Here, for example, 4 hectares of the earth were withdrawn from Ilyichevsky port. There start building elite cottages. At first sight, anything unusual if not to consider that in this territory there is spare command point of the Ministry of transport. So now it is necessary to stop party games, and to start changing the legislation and not to cover "".

If to return to "Kapitoshkam", the leader of this gang connected with the deputy from BYuT Bogdan Gubsky. And Voyevodin, and it is known to all, was appointed to a position of head Goskomzem from Gubsky's giving.

I don't want to be engaged in political assumptions. The crime has no party membership.

Gubsky's surname appears in case papers?

Yes. It is mentioned in indications of detainees. But it still means nothing. Bye. Very often detainees refer to acquaintances to many people, beginning from the Pope and finishing bees of the president.

You replaced the chief of the Zakarpatye militia. You are happy with its work?

Yes. Efficiency increased. For example, to Zakarpatye we a week before last recorded the largest in the history of activity of militia of area a bribe rural to the head - 900 thousand hryvnias. Also now the second wave of working off of the Zakarpatye area internal troops went - illegal immigrants are detained, smuggling is stopped. In the beginning years we created management of special operations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with introduction of our employees in criminal groups. Introduction of our employee in the group which was engaged in a transportation of illegal immigrants from Central Asia in EU was crowned with success. This time we managed to come nearer to the organizer of this traffic who lives in Kiev, - to the Afghan mister Sh. As a result in Zakarpatye there passed a wave of detentions of the persons tied with trade in live goods. By the way, today the same agents work in the directions of a drug traffic, smuggling, an authorization system of the state - fire, Sanepidemstantion, a land allocation.

Whether it will manage to you to select the lock Palanok rented by people close to Victor Baloge?

We seized evidence of illegality of this decision of the City Council. Now the State Office of Public Prosecutor is engaged in it. But to rent the best lock in Ukraine for 5 thousand hryvnias a month is a shame.

You declared that Victor Baloga and his colleagues free of charge fly by planes GP "Ukraine".

Yes, it flied by plane GP "Ukraine" for which the offshore enterprises paid. And not the simple: one of them is ill-fated "Faina's" forwarding agent. Whether it is strange? Another - the insurer of this vessel. And the third is forbidden by the decision of Ministry of Economics to participation in service of any state financial operations.

Who most often makes to you from People's Deputies inquiries? And in what occasions?

In total for these months I received 2186 addresses and inquiries нардепов. Yury Karmazin became the champion according to addresses. Often inquiries of deputies have, from my point of view, businessovy background: the such - that firm didn't pay another money. But the militia shouldn't be involved in гражданско - legal relations. Others нардепы help people - someone needs to make nationality, someone reacts to the wrong actions of militia. We are grateful for these signals. Many are engaged in data of political scores including with me, trying to get any information.

And sometimes deputies are interested in absolutely surprising things. One parliamentarian from Communist party was interested who killed a bison in 1993 near Chernobyl. He asks me why the woman who is engaged in photography of citizens with a monkey near the Kiev circus still isn't arrested. He reasons the inquiries that KPU charged to it to fight for ecology. But when I am filled up with requests for milliard plunders and brutal murders, monkeys me, I admit, excite a little. Though the deputy the good fellow - a party assignment carries out on everything 100!

And the president addresses to you?


And prime minister?

Yes, we call up. Unlike the first phone which is silent, the second - works.

Yury Lutsenko
I was born on December 14, 1964 in the city of Rivna.
In 1989 I graduated from the Lvov polytechnical institute.
From 1989 to 1992 I worked at Rivnensky plant of a name 60 - the anniversaries of October.
From 1992 to 1995 - the chief designer of Gazotron plant.
From 1994 to 1996 - the Deputy head of Rivnensky regional council of People's Deputies.
Since 1997 - the deputy minister concerning science and technologies.
From 1998 to 1999 - the assistant the prime minister - the minister.
From 2002 to 2005 - the People's Deputy.
Since February 2005 till December, 2006 - the Minister of Internal Affairs.
Since September, 2007 - the People's Deputy.
Since December 18, 2007 - the Minister of Internal Affairs.

1,3 thousand UAH such sum of the income were declared by Yury Lutsenko for 2007. At the same time his wife Irina earned nearly half a million hryvnias. On bank accounts at Lutsenko's spouse even more than 400 thousand UAH. And Lutsenko's members of household own four cars - Infiniti, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Skoda Octavia

Way to policy

Since the end 1990-x years and up to Victor Yushchenko's victory in 2004 Lutsenko spoke at presidential elections as the active fighter with Leonid Kuchma's mode. In 2001 I was one of heads of the stock "Ukraine without Kuchma". Fall of 2004 I was among organizers and heads of "orange" revolution. On February 4 2005-го became the civil head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs first in the history of Ukraine. I held a position in three governments - Yulia Timoshenko, Yury Ekhanurov and Victor Yanukovych. After the first resignation from a post of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lutsenko declared creation of oppositional social movement "National Self-defense" which former "nasheukrainets" Nikolay Katerinchuk and David Zhvaniya, the adviser to the president Taras Stetskiv joined.

Yury Lutsenko, February 2005-го: "At my family is both the apartment, and the car. By giving aren't burdened. Except protection for my children for which I pay itself, more it is necessary nothing for me. If only to pass this year live"

Lutsenko and "Self-defense"

"National Self-defense" as civil movement was created by Yury Lutsenko after leaving from a post of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Officially he reported about its existence in December, 2006. Then, being the adviser to the president, Lutsenko declared that "National Self-defense" isn't the political project, and is created as people's movement in order that "citizens could take in a fist all completeness of the power". However later "National Self-defense" united with "our Ukraine" and participated in parliamentary elections.


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