The former vice-the mayor Vitaly Yavorsky: "The command "to remove" me because we didn't give GKP "Nikolayevvodokanal" to concession to the Russian firm"

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The former deputy of the mayor - the director of the department of housing and communal services Vitaly Yavorsky doesn't head five months zhilishchno - municipal services of Nikolaev. Ex-main "zhilishchnik" left... at first on labor exchange, and then - in big-time politics.

In new role V. Yavorsky met correspondents of NZN, having agreed to tell readers of a detail of new life and to explain, for what people's deputies so "threshed" the former director of the department of housing and communal services at sessions of the City Council and the deputy commissions. Interview was published on a site of the Nikolaev regional organization "Uniform Center".

- Whether you breathed sigh of relief after work in the Nikolaev city hall, after all you were one of most often mentioned deputies of the mayor, especially in lips of deputies on the sphere of housing and communal services?

- I am happy today. I as - that was told that when you make the decision and at heart it is easy - means, the decision correct, and it is accompanied by will Supreme. I felt this ease when left.

- How long you went to adoption of this decision?

- The decision was created by an impromptu. I wrote one application. Vladimir Chaika (the mayor - a bus) tore him. In a week I wrote the second application, and we with it agreed.

After that to me did offers on work and Vladimir Dmitriyevich, and Alexey Nikolaevich (Garkusha, the governor - a bus), and other heads knowing me. To me the offered positions were not to liking. Then I rose on the exchange where spent one and a half months waiting for more interesting offers.

- Said, what you returned to Bashtanka?

- I was mayor Bashtanki about five years. In Bashtanka I and now am called by friends. In the period of my merstvo I could organize activists of the city and together realize there a number of successful projects. However in, Nikolaev a lot of things didn't manage to be carried out though programs for all housing and communal services directions were developed.

- It would be desirable - to hear everything the true reason of your leaving from a position of the deputy of the mayor of the director of the department of housing and communal services.

- Certain deputies ran over me the whole year and checked my patience not from - that they should have introduced the Cabinet No. 560 Resolution (about introduction the podomovykh of tariffs for housing and communal services). I explained that introduction of this resolution will increase a rent several times. "Threshed" me for tariffs, and the question was not in them. The command "to remove" me because we didn't give GKP "Nikolayevvodokanal" to concession to the Russian firm was given. You didn't reflect why Yavorsky started pulling in two months after almost all deputies approved me as the deputy mayor without remarks? Disobedient. I didn't go to giving "Nikolayevvodokanal". I that left normally, and on Vasily Telpis (the director "Nikolayevvodokanal" - a bus) opened criminal case.

By the way, if now there was togas a question on "Vodokanal" - I would arrive in the same way. I resigned with a clear conscience before inhabitants of Nikolaev.


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