To Ukraine returned a gang, on which account – cruel murder

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Robbed, killed then escaped to Moldova. To Ukraine extradited a gang which committed a cruel crime in the territory of the Nikolaev area.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that to take control of money of one of the farmers, the armed men went to a daring crime - at first beat, and then and killed the person.

Disorder, corpse of the security guard, the open safe and lack of rather big sum waited for the owner of one of farms of the Kazankovsky area.

Igor Veretensky, the head the Organized Crime Control Department in the Nikolaev area: "The corpse of the man with multiple injuries and getting raneny in a breast was found. From a scene disappeared 65 thousand hryvnias".

Murderers calculated in two days. But those, feeling danger, escaped to Moldova.

It wasn't succeeded to drink some local wine, to have a rest and avoid punishment to an impudent quartet. Criminals detained and returned to Ukraine.

The bandits suppressed by arrest quickly admitted everything - a robbery of the farmer planned about a month. Waited only when at the businessman the round sum will gather.

Carrick detained: "Called, told that money is also a door is open. Let's roll. Two accomplices decided to neutralize the security guard. I didn't know that they will kill him. There was a contract without murder".

The security guard became the unexpected and undesirable witness - he recognized one of the attacking. Brutal bandits at first cruelly beat the man and when that fainted, stuck a knife into heart. Now they are waited by a long imprisonment term.


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