Puppies and kittens whom give to "donators", those bury alive

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Widespread "daritelstvo" of kittens and puppies actually turned for a long time into business, and bloody, the representative of volunteer movement of defenders of the nature of NikolaevspeaksMakhov's muse. This movement isn't issued yet legally (registiratsionny documents will be ready only in January) but it doesn't prevent volunteers to begin fight for the rights of animals. And the sharpest for today a problem - so-called "donators" who located in illegal "poultry market" at the Kolos market.

"Donators" - is those who accepts on "realization" of kittens and the puppies which owners don't want to be engaged in search of owners. According toMakhova's muses, take from the owner of a puppy or a kitten for this "pristraivaniye" on 20 UAH for each animal.

The manshikh is lucky units of our brothers - someone compassionate and will take home not purebred kitten or a puppy. But during a season (since the end of winter prior to the beginning of summer) through hands of "donators" passes to 100 animals in a day who can't physically be given away in a day.

But their destiny "donators" especially don't care - they have after all a business which allows them and vehicles to get (зand each such donator on a moped costs) and to feed the business by advertizing methods, generously distributing the business cards. So after the termination of "working day" they pack not given away puppies and kittens into checkered bags or cardboard boxes, wind them with an adhesive tape and take out on an old city cemetery.

To it members of initiative group of volunteer movement of defenders of animals of Nikolaev repeatedly witnessed. But they can't affect "donators" - those aggressively protect the business. And after visit of the militiaman on this illegal "poultry market" "donators" became even more sophisticated: take out puppies and kittens not on a cemetery, and on the city suburb.

Volunteers don't lose hope that they will manage to bring "donators" to trial.

But the main thing, speaksMakhov's muse, - that nikolayevets stopped feeding this business. After all to sterilize a favourite kitty or a doggie if you don't need its posterity, will cost much cheaper, than each time after birth of kids to pay for everyone on 20 UAH (in communication


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