Before sending to Cyprus two potential sex - slaves violently held in the Nikolaev area

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In Odessa эропорту two girls were removed from a flight "Odessa-Istanbul" - Moldavians of 22 and 24 years who were going to get for Cyprus with the purpose to earn additionally.

However frontier guards of the Odessa frontier group and the Odessa militiamen received information that girls, probably, fraudulently want to use for sexual exploitation by the abroad.

Therefore at the airport, during passing of passport control of the girl were invited for communication. For the purpose of clarification of all circumstances of attempt of commission of illegal activity, and also the persons involved in it, investigative actions are carried out.

Previously it is established that girls were going to get for Cyprus where wanted to correct the financial position. Question of, whether girls in quality sex - slaves had to work or they aspired to Cyprus for providing intimate services, investigating authorities should find out.

As it became known, before sending girls violently held in the Nikolaev area. Thanks to the taken measures it was succeeded to detain two people involved in illegal activity, connected with human trafficking. Sending girls was organized abroad by inhabitants of Odessa region Sergey K. and Anna H. at present they give evidences to investigating authorities.

As one of organizers, Anna told, it personally took out girls to the airport Odessa to be convinced that girls got into the plane. When she saw that girls invited "to communicate", Anna left the airport. However thanks to actions of militiamen it and her cohabitant Sergey were detained within a day.

The investigation is carried.


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