In Nikolaev 19 - the summer thief - the Uzbek got on TV

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In Nikolaev detained 19 - the summer citizen of Uzbekistan. The girl suspect of a robbery of the local resident.

Video of a surveillance camera of one of shops became the incontestable proof of her participation in a crime.

That evening Elena quarreled with the husband and went to walk around the city. On one of streets it met two girls.

Elena, victim: "One of them approached to me and started asking from me the mobile phone to call the guy. I told that the mobile phone isn't present, and she asked money".

Money at Elena didn't appear, but the stranger didn't lag behind. When saw in the face of the girl of a tear, I started consoling.

Elena, victim: "It started asking me questions: you, probably, quarreled with the guy? I simply stood and nodded. It started me calming - everything normally, such happens, at me too such was. I consoled me, I embraced".

At any moment the new acquaintance suggested to walk with her on the neighboring street. But already through some steps, threatening with a knife, I selected gold ear rings and a mobilka at Elena.

Inna Demyanenko, head of sector of GU of militia of Nikolaev: "The girl didn't begin to push luck and gave everything that the ill-minded woman asked. But that in reply added that if she wishes to receive back the earrings, she can return them for 500 hryvnias. In the same time next day".

The thief disappeared in the dark, and robbed went home. I told all to the husband, that at once addressed in militia.

Already next day the robber detained. And helped here that. When the she-robber plundered Elena - didn't guess that it is watched by a video camera of one of shops. Now this record will be a material evidence.

The detainee is 19 years old. Now it is in a pre-trial detention center and communicates with the investigator.

Detainee: "Republic of Uzbekistan, city of Navoi. On a visit I arrived. My little sister only discharged from hospital. Here we sat noted, and in the evening I arrived to the city".

Inna Demyanenko, head of sector of GU of militia of Nikolaev: "I arrived to Nikolaev quite recently, about a few months ago. To the stepmother. After a while she got a job the seller in a stall of a fast food. Money to it as she explains, didn't suffice".

The stolen mobile phone of the victim already returned, and here it is necessary to forget about ear rings. The guest from Central Asia managed to sell them. Speaks: the managed to get hundred hryvnias only also sufficed that on cold medicine.


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