The Nikolaev authorities are adjusted to turn the Ukraine guided missile cruiser into the museum in 2009

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The Ukrainian military department more than once expressed inexpediency of the contents the Ukrainian budget of the Ukraine guided missile cruiser.

However the concrete decision what to do with "Ukraine", in the ministry while isn't present. It is clear only one - the cruiser already nobody will buy.

But our local government knows how "on mind" to use the former murderer of aircraft carriers. This ship since the first Independence Day of the Ukrainian state "props up a rack" the mooring of shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards. Earlier two options of destiny of this unfinished construction were considered: to sell as the ship or to cut on scrap metal. But the mayor Vladimir Chaika offered the third. On August 15 the order of the Nikolaev mayor created the working group which is engaged in destiny of the ship. The purpose of work of this group - the formulation of recommendations about creation on the basis of "Ukraine" of the museum.

Considering the sizes of "Ukraine", most likely it will place near Ingulsky Bridge - opposite to a beach of "Shooter". On the same piece of the coast the earth to the Nikolaev businessmen who are ready to make investments for infrastructure creation round the museum is already allocated.

- The main recommendation of the commission for минпромполитики and the Ministry of Defence will be transfer of the cruiser to municipal city property over time to organize in it the fleet museum, - Vladimir Chaika noted.

About порезки or the mayor has sales of "Ukraine" the opinion:

- I am sure that sale of this ship won't take place taking into account political scrapes, and in a couple of years this cruiser won't be in general of any economic value, except as metal, - the mayor told. - But if in Kiev nevertheless make the decision about порезке the cruiser, I won't allow that it became in our city. Let it in other place be cut by those politicians who made the decision on a flag raising by the ship.

As soon as the decision on vessel re-equipment in the museum, on assurances of officials will be made, at once the city and regional authorities will in common find a formula of financing of the museum. But the first stage - preparation for eternal parking - has to be financed from the country budget, the mayor considers.

According to Vladimir Chaika, the annual maintenance of the cruiser as object of regional municipal property will already cost 2,5-3 million hryvnias. Financing of the service personnel of the cruiser - the museum, and is about 30 people, the city is ready to assume.

Historical information:The cruiser "Ukraine" was put on a building berth No. 3 (the longest at plant) by GP "Shipbuilding Plant of a Name of 61 Communards" in Nikolaev in 1982. It is floated on August 11, 1990. Then the cruiser was called "Admiral Lobov". In 1991 its construction completely stops, at that time readiness of the ship made 90 percent. In 1993 the ship was brought out of structure of the Navy of Russia and carried over Ukraine. On February 17, 1998 the decision on cruiser completion was made. It was planned to enter "Ukraine" into structure of Naval Forces of Ukraine in 2000, then - in 2001 - m. The ship became the fourth in a series of the guided missile cruisers which were under construction for voyenno - navy of the USSR according to the project 1164 Leningrad northern PKB. For the fire power in the West they are nicknamed by "murderers of aircraft carriers".


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