To prove the case, 40 - the summer inhabitant of the Nikolaev area pierced a file a stomach of the fellow villager

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Recently already became, almost tradition during quarrel to suffice that hand don't come. To what it can testify? Really about hot "temperament" of our citizens? Or simply about low culture of these debaters?

Just recently, last week, in the Nikolaev area one of such "hot" quarrels was played. In the evening on December 4 between two inhabitants of the village of Filimonovk of the Vradiyevsky region of the Nikolaev area dispute inflamed, during which one of men, 40 - the summer unemployed A. I grabbed a file and I hit with it the fellow villager in a stomach. Probably, thus, the man wanted to prove 24 - to summer "youth" the correctness, without having thought up for this purpose anything the best.

Next day the victim, 24 - the summer jobless guy, addressed in police station with the statement for receiving heavy injuries by it.

Law enforcement officers detained the guilty. The measure of restraint for the detainee is chosen.


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