25- the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev killed own mother

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The woman tried to dissuade the daughter from a trip on earnings abroad, for as received nearly two tens blows a knife.

25- summer Natalia worked abroad. When from native Nikolaev the message about death of the father arrived, the girl came back home at once.

I left with mother a funeral and in two weeks I started getting ready for a trip. But mother opposed categorically return of the child to the foreign land. All insisted that Natalia found to herself house work, but the girl stubborn held the ground.

During the next quarrel of the woman started sorting out the relations with the help of fists.

Natalia, detainee: "She didn't listen to me. Offense very strong - I it at first on the person from a fist. Once. Second time. I took a frying pan and slightly - slightly дзенькнула that it calmed down".

The old woman as in hands of her daughter there was a kitchen knife didn't manage to recover.

Quick employee of the Nikolaev GO of militia: "I put knife wounds in stomach and thorax area. At first I put with one kitchen knife in a stomach about four wounds and in thorax area about eight wounds".

When mother with rattle fell to a floor, in the attacking pity woke up.

Natalia, detainee: "I spoke to it - mother, I to you want to save life, pray, at the Lord, to people apologize. She says: I will ask from you. I speak - No, you offended very much - very much".

Without having satisfied with conversation with half-dead mother, the woman brought from kitchen of a big cutting torch and stuck to the victim into heart. Then I closed the blood-stained apartment and I went to spend the night to the girlfriend, and I was given militias in the morning.

Olga Perederenko, the acting head of OSO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area: "The resident of Nikolaev that she killed the mother addressed. She independently took a regional department operations group to herself home and told that occurred".

On an event place field investigators found a cold breathless corpse with 19-ю knife wounds. Natalia at once detained. Now it is in a pre-trial detention center and tells about the act to investigators.


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