The street of Dzerzhinsky is terrible to walk not only at night, but also in the afternoon

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The area of the Youzhny market which is on Dzerzhinsky Street becomes a criminal site on the present. For the last some days some cases of robberies there are recorded.

Couple of days ago, coming back home from work I was attacked the seller of the Yuliana market. The unknown with use of physical force took control its sumny where were the mobile phone, about 100 hryvnias and keys from a workplace. Police officers on suspicion in commission of this crime detained the unemployed local of the Item 1988 of year of birth.

And here on June 8, the young woman with violation of function of the speech was attacked. That attack is made in broad daylight is remarkable. The young man attacked the woman, threatening her with a knife, selected at her a gold chain with a pendent and money in the sum about 1 thousand UAH

It isn't known it would be succeeded to detain the criminal, if not the soldier - the conscript of VCh 30 39, the special shelf of militia which passed by. It without thoughts rushed to the aid of the victim and itself neutralized the attacking.

Then called physicians who gave the victim help.

Attacking there was a jobless local of B. of 1981 year of birth. Art. 187 of UK of Ukraine is incriminated to the detainee.

There is a question when the management of the Youzhny market will pay attention to safety of the clients.

The fighter the conscript who has detained the criminal, by order of the commander the specialist of a regiment of militia received 5 days of holiday.


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