Last week militiamen withdrew drugs for the sum more than 80 thousand UAH

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Despite crisis in the country, criminal business - drug traffic continues to develop actively, the frequent facts of illicit manufacturing, acquisition or the storages of narcotic substances recorded by militiamen testify to it.

Last week police officers recorded some such facts. So, on December 9 in Doroshovk Voznesensky's village of the region of the Nikolaev area which already managed to become famous for "drug barons", militiamen recorded the fact of illegal acquisition and storage of drugs. During a search in a shed of the jobless local militiamen found and withdrew 4 kg of hemp. The measure of restraint for 41 - the summer inhabitant Doroshovki is chosen.

And in the city of Snigiryovka of the Nikolaev area on December 10 during carrying out the authorized search in the house of the jobless local militiamen found and withdrew 35 g of inflorescences of hemp.

Two more similar facts last week were recorded on December 12. In the city New Odessa the Nikolaev area 30 - the summer local illegally sold 15 g of cannabis for 100 UAH, having obviously sold too cheap thus if to consider the today's prices in the black market. Law enforcement officers detained the drug dealer, the measure of restraint for him is chosen.

On the same day, on December 12, militiamen established that the inhabitant of Nikolaev tried to transfer in one of corrective colonies which to be in пгт Olshanskoye of the Nikolaev area, to the prisoner drugs illegally. During check of products in the woman found and withdrew 20 g of cannabis. The measure of restraint for the lawbreaker is chosen.

Total amount of cost of the withdrawn drugs last week at the today's prices in the black market makes rather about 82 thousand UAH


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