The Nikolaev militia literally on heels pursues the fugitive - the recidivist, but it wasn't succeeded to seize him meanwhile

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", reported that on June 3 from a hall of court of the Central district the accused ran away.

As one of officers of the Nikolaev regional Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the run-away, certain citizen I told. it was detained for robberies at jewelry stores, including on "the Nikolsky trade wind", and robberies of offices. Earlier he already spent some time behind bars for robberies. It was threatened by about 10 years of imprisonment. But now, it is possible to assume that to this term to be added 5 more years.

Now all forces of the Nikolaev militia are thrown on searches of the run away.

It became known that after jurisdictional I beat out doors in the room for accused of the court building, it went home to the former cohabitant. Her house didn't appear as it some time ago left to Baltic and there married. In the apartment there was only her mother.

The first question which it asked the man, sounded approximately so: "What you here do? You after all put". On what the guy answered: "Me released! ".

Then the woman gave to drink it tea, and through a floor of hour it left. The militia came to this apartment literally in some hours.

The same as I told one of sources in Nikolaevsk the regional Department of Internal Affairs, it is known to militiamen and of visit by the fugitive of one more apartment - the acquaintance.

At present the staff of criminal investigation department literally on heels pursues the criminal and soon he will be seized.


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