Deputies of the City Council want to bring the director of "Ekotrans" to trial

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To involve the director of JSC Ekotrans Sergey Gnatko to responsibility (offers not only on attraction to criminal, but also "to political responsibility" though as to make it sounded, the deputy Dmitry Nikonov didn't decipher), to address in prosecutor's office for it, and also in Minekologiya's management with a request once again to check level of emissions and again to suspend work of oil extraction plant are deputies of city council at today's plenary session 31-й offered sessions of city council.

Deputies revolted not only that the smell fried sunflower seeds again poisons inhabitants of the Alluvium and Leskov, but also that the director of "Ekotrans" which work was suspended on November 29, 2007 by the solution of session of city council, without asking permission deputies, on July 21 this year I signed the order on the beginning of work of plant. The director of JSC Ekotrans Sergey Gnatko reported to deputies about the done work.

According to him, the quantity of "unorganized sources of emissions" (560 thousand UAH are spent for these actions) was reduced, installation of neutralization of steam-air mix from braziers (30 thousand UAH) is modernized, filters are replaced with lines of cooling of cake (12 thousand UAH), the system дожига steam-air mix from прессов in a copper fire chamber (135 thousand UAH) is mounted.

In total this year 737 thousand UAH that makes 50% of the funds allocated for development of production were spent for carrying out nature protection actions. Besides, 119 people now work at the enterprise, the salary of working 2-3,5 thousand UAH, monthly in the city budget arrives 170 thousand UAH, and in the state - 40 thousand UAH

"And the smell is one million part, we fight against a smell", - S. Gnatko spoke.

But deputies were relentless: the plant poisons citizens, it has to be closed.
Konstantin Bely in general considers that the only option of permission of this conflict - to transfer harmful production to other place, away from the city.

And Sergey Litvak stated fear that deputies, having granted permission for branch of the earth for similar plant, only is 4 times more powerful, in the Ship area, can receive the same problem.

And if to speak about "Ekotrans", that, according to S. Litvak, all complaints of people should be generalized and transferred to "the Zernotorgovy company" (the owner of plant), and also to demand from the company to allocate funds for new treatment facilities, the benefit money at it on these purposes is.


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