Office investigation upon a suicide in a temporary detention center in the Nikolaev area

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that On December 5 in a temporary detention center of the Vradiyevsky District Department of Internal Affairs the corpse of the local of 1962 year of birth was found.

He was detained at the end of November for an administrative offense (violence in a family) and arrested by Vradiyevsky district court of the Nikolaev area for 7 days.

The man was hung up on a sheet directly in the insulator camera. According to available information he had an oncological disease.

As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", this citizen, since April of this year, 6 times was late police officers on статье173 h. 2 KOAP - "Violence in a family". In all cases the application was written by mother of the man of 1942 year of birth. For the last half a year, by a court decision the inhabitant of the Vradiyevsky area, appeared in a temporary detention center 4 times.

After that incident office investigation during which it became clear was made that in 3 days prior to an event, the temporary detention center was checked by the prosecutor of the Vradiyevsky area and the deputy chief of the District Department of Internal Affairs. They communicated with the arrested and he had no complaints.

This incident and investigation course on it received attention and one of the central Ukrainian TV channels. The film crew came even to the Vradiyevsky area.

During office investigation it is established that not suffocation as it managed "to remove from a loop", and a long illness became a cause of death of the arrested. Officials of the Vradiyevsky District Department of Internal Affairs received disciplinary punishments.

The Assistant Secretary of internal affairs of Ukraine on observance of human rights in the Nikolaev area S. Shvets commented on results of office investigation on this fact. He reported that human rights violations wasn't revealed. Conditions of the maintenance of arrested in the Vradiyevsky insulator conform to all standards.


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