Manifesto of middle class of Ukraine

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The ghost wanders about Ukraine, a ghost of middle class.

In cold apartments together with small children, to the accompaniment of information slops, million Ukrainians with horror wait for a new dollar rate on Mezhbank, the next payment of the credit for the apartment and the car, and the most unfortunate "wait - won't wait" on a visit for collectors and appraisers of property.

So, in credit torments, the Ukrainian dream of that dies, everyone who is able and wants to work, is capable to reach prosperity and to live on - human - in the apartment, to go by the car, to have various and high-quality leisure, and to spend holiday and New Year in Turkey and the Carpathians.

Million people believed that they can live on - human relying only on itself, "having ignored" the state which, in turn, "ignored" long ago them.

However, no, the state "ignored" the citizens only in that, as for its obligations to them, but used and uses any opportunity to milk dry the last juice from them.

In it there is nothing surprising.

The state is controlled long ago by some tens oligarchical families. In 2004 they copied the Constitution of Ukraine under themselves. For fun they were divided on blue, orange, white and is gray - the drill - crimson. It is so simpler to operate the people - the principle "share and dominate" I cancelled nobody.

Therefore in Ukraine still there are a lot of people who believe that between Victor Yanukovych and Yulia Timoshenko there is any difference. Whereas a difference same, as between Coca-cola and Pepsi-cola, and an essence - synthetics.

Same "pepsi generation" now in power in Ukraine. Same affected and same synthetic, and essence of its actions one - a country and people robbery.

The power is considered by them as a way дерибана everyone and everything. The people - as cattle which can be bent indefinitely.

All 17 years ghouls plundered the country, telling fairy tales about "poor Ukraine". But unless it is possible to plunder 17 years the poor country? It is impossible.

Through fairy tales about the poor country, they covered that terrible inequality which from anywhere grew in the form of big and small "Concha - Zasp" across all Ukraine. They stole, and we died.

Only ponder - without war the population of Ukraine was reduced by 6 million people! We ahead of a planet of all on rates of extinction of the population and the western researchers already call Ukraine the country of "a maltuziansky hell".

Our "governors" as if in Pieter Bruegel's picture - younger "Blind" conduct us in an abyss. They blind in the avidity also aren't capable to stop. The hand lasts and lasts. The first fell, the second, the third … and we obediently go after them, as if herd of rams.

Unless we want to die? No. We want to live. We even too love life. We want to give birth to children. We dream of the strong and beautiful country with which neighbors and not only they will reckon.

Unless we are rams? No.

Many of us without communications whose or supports, constructed the small successful Ukraine. Without support of the state support parents. Contrary to the state give a good education to the children.

We in general live contrary to this state. 70% (!) of Ukrainians rely only on the forces!

Unless we don't see where they conduct the country? We see and even it is very good.

And it is heavy not to see when the next posh - the murderer avoids court. When the judge is praised that there is such tradition - "посевать in millions" the position. When in Holodomore a country good few freezes, and the second half with horror waits for dismissal.

Why we follow as rams them if we precisely know, what we aren't rams?

How many we will be reconciled with this nasty thing which through the of masses - media imposes us contention, fear and powerlessness?

Every day in us inspire that "everything was gone also anything it is impossible to change". That we have to reconcile and … to pay!

To pay for speculative tricks of a national bank gang of Stelmakh and To!
To pay to banks which increase interest rates when the dollar falls when euro rises when price of oil falls or when the banker simply had an itch in the left hemisphere.
To pay for Yulia Timoshenko's big and small breaks.
To pay for appetites of oligarchs of Yanukovych.
To pay for Victor Andreevich Yushchenko's sick imaginations.
To pay to GAI officers. To pay to firemen. To pay to bandits.
To pay to poofy mayors.
To pay to the IMF.
To pay to Russia.
To pay for absence of heat and water.For silly foreign and domestic policy.
At last, to pay for imitation of that actually for a long time doesn't exist in reality - the STATES!

Yes, well them in a stub! Why to pay to us, if this their state. It also works for them.

They recognize (and say lies, as always, underestimating) that second of activity of Cabinet of Ministers costs 60 pre-crisis corruption hryvnias. 3 thousand 600 hryvnias - minute. 216 thousand 000 - hour of 5 million 184 thousand - days.

And so year after year there is a transfer of evergreen hryvnias from our pockets to them … We pay taxes, and they buy "Bentley".

Nonequivalent exchange any. Irrational.

We to them 13% of income tax, they to us inflation. We to them the VAT, they are 50% dollar rate growth!

They forgot that we employ, instead of they us. Time they forgot, came to remind time.

It is even better to put their way while they didn't kill all of us finally.

For this purpose we need other state. Which will be ours and will begin to work in our interests. Which will listen to us and ten times to think before lifting a hryvnia exchange rate. Which will help, instead of to disturb. To create, instead of to destroy.

We need the life state, instead of death. Where children will study how to build bright future, instead of to sob over the hopeless past. Where will celebrate victories, instead of defeats.

Which will be rather strong to choose partners instead of that partners chose it. Which will be simply effective. At last, in which defect and the power will be not synonyms, and antonyms.

How, you ask, unless such it is possible, unless we can change something? Unless - that depends on us?

Don't ache!

In Greece the police killed the teenager. Two weeks all country is reared from - for protests. In Ukraine in seventeen years killed 6 million: cold, hunger, gangsterism, corruption. In reply just could arrange a disco on the Maidan.

Again, we forgot, what not in discos the course of history, and in the organized actions of citizens is turned. The citizen - is the one who is capable to comprehend itself(himself) as part public whole and to protect him, as itself. The one who doesn't comprehend it, remains the gun weight which drive from a blue Maidan on orange, and then on the contrary.

And the Maidan - isn't a form of protection of our interests. Rather, it is a form of production of our steam in a whistle which carefully palm off Xing - orange "пепсы".

We can and have to be protected by other forms of a protest. It can have to be expressed on - to a miscellaneous - strikes, blocking, etc., including if it is demanded by circumstance, with violence application.

Certainly, to us all day long hammer into the head that Ukrainians "not such" that the compromise is the best form of coexistence … But these misters dissemble! What coexistence can be where one party has everything, and another is left by badly smelling scraps?

Us eat, and we appeal to their prudence! Don't eat us, please, don't lift dollar, we want to live, we have children, and to us in reply - suffer, suckers, you pay and to you will be rendered ….

Well, isn't present! It is impossible to appeal to prudence of the Cannibal, addressing to his human qualities - it simply doesn't have them!

He won't hear you because it has other system of values. Your pain is his pleasure. Your pleasure is its pain.

For you falling of a hryvnia exchange rate is a tragedy, for the banker is another 50% arrived from scratch. Us in general consider in a context of optimization of their expenses - the income.

Already 46 million heads - as cattle.

The profit on metal works from 300% to 5% - a disorder fell, say! You - a weak link, fall away on the street and die there to hunger, and in the evening if carries, on TV about you will tell a plot full of grief.

Savik Shuster will show in schedules to respectable public, as green and blue lines as if Pavlov's doggies, reflex react to verbal shit. Well, and certainly, Olga Gerasimyyuk you оплачет. Sleep, quietly, the Ukrainian middle class.

Therefore, time to be knocked to them it is useless, so it is necessary to work. Yes, it demands efforts and even risk, but the alternative isn't present - either action, or infinite коалициада to two o'clock in the morning.

You don't want to look? Will disconnect gas, and at the same time and water with electricity. Municipal accidents - an obligatory component of their megashow.

With what to begin and what to do?

It is necessary to begin with the simple. First of all, we have to hear each other.

Powerlessness and disbelief is generated by loneliness. The person - a being social also demands collective actions. Exactly thanks to collective we turned into the person.

There came time to remember that the person to the person - the friend, the companion and the brother. We have to take the first step to leave a condition of disorganization and apathy.

For this purpose we have to make one simple action.We will call it "GOT! ". Exactly at 12-00 on Monday December 22, 2008 it is necessary to press a horn of the car and to take it three minutes.

In Kiev more than one million cars if at the same time presses at least every tenth - this roar will be audible on all city. If it make in other cities - all country will hear.

If it occurs in one stage as the result of a unification воль hundred thousands of people is means, what not everything is lost. So the first note of the magnificent civil symphony will be born.

For all this brotherhood that turned Ukraine into the European laughing-stock, it will have funeral character. Let will hear a cry of the raped country and will shudder because it and will be that bell which calls for them.

For us it will be the first step to new life. We have to use this step to become organized. Such big action demands trust from absolutely strangers. After all absence of trust is from what our state appeared on the brink of disaster.

Naturally, on it everything won't end but only will begin.

The authorities dream that protests began in the spring. In it there is the terrible logic. By March - April two thirds of debtors on the heavy credits will appear incapable to pay on the credits. From them will try to take away property, previously having raked over the coals cynical promotion, threats of collectors and simply gangster racket.

Hundred thousands people will throw out on streets from work, and they will cling to any kopek if only only to feed the families. Here it, delicious production, for new maydanmeyker.

Therefore, it is impossible to tighten with the moment of protest actions. Each lost day, weakens us as we have less margin of safety, than at rack of oligarchs with their billions.

It is necessary to start pressing them here and now. At least one protest action needs to be carried out before New year. For this purpose it is necessary to create Committees of Resistance on all Ukraine.

They have to be engaged in the organization of protection of our interests for the most various directions - beginning from a mortgage and nonpayments on the credits and finishing the self-defense organization in case of need.

If banks shift all crisis risks to debtors and don't want to distribute evenly loss then, it is necessary to cease to pay on the credits.Eventually, the majority of borrowers appeared in a difficult situation not because didn't want to pay, and from - for financial speculation with dollar (to which many large banks were related).

Around the world the dollar falls, at us on - to the madman grows. Where logic? At the time of the crisis beginning officially at Ukraine was 38 billion dollars of gold and exchange stocks. Where money?

If banks don't want to enter a situation of borrowers, and they have the right to refuse to banks their claims. When banks will try to take away property of debtors, so for it it is necessary to battle literally this word, including, attracting the created groups of self-defense.

From where they will appear? From self-organization of debtors. They all the same have no exit.

It is good if it is possible to return to parents and if it is impossible? With children on the street only because someone solved закосить for the our account couple more of billions dollars? In this situation borrowers have nothing to lose, except credit chains.

Emergence of groups of counterelite has to be a result of this fight. It will create the principles of the new Ukrainian state. The counterelite shouldn't be involved in a shameful ruling mode in all its blue and orange manifestations.

Its main principle - any compromises with ruling "elite". Any compromise with them will be a form of continuation of an agony of the state and at this conjuncture will lead to his death.

In an ideal, the counterelite will have to create party which will concentrate protest potential on itself. At worst, it will be some parties which from different flanks will break off a semi-dead body of the Second semi-republic. In the fight developed between them the new political regime also will be born.

In this fight we can win, and we can lose. Naturally, anybody won't give us a guarantee of a victory and search of guarantees is a justification of the fear before changes.

And still any attempt to escape from a present foul place looks more preferable, than weak-willed masochistic contemplation as falls that is expensive to us.

Eventually, destiny, being the woman, loves strong and desperate but to win her love it is necessary to work.


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