In Nikolaev covered personnel swindlers

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Today, on December 18, the staff of the Nikolaev Department of Internal Affairs carried out an inspection of state of emergency "Obverse" which is on Bolshoy Morskoy St., 126.

Repeatedly arriving statements with complaints from citizens concerning fraud from this agency became a reason for such actions from militia.

The firm specializes on "employment" and "real estate" - in other words renders services in job search and rent of apartments. More precisely, says that renders. In practice clients, having paid 100 hryvnias for "employment" and 150 for apartment search. In exchange got some telephone numbers which were or not valid, or belonged to subscribers who at all have to it no relation. It is clear that back money returned to nobody, after all according to competently made contract, "Averon" doesn't give any guarantees of state of emergency to the clients.

In the small room two young girls accepted clients, took money and gave "phony" numbers. Unfortunate they at all don't present to what history got, but refused to tell the names of employers persistently, and having seen the camera, with a speed of a bullet disappeared in a utility room.

By the time of arrival of field investigators near state of emergency many managed to gather deceived which lost "blood". People different in age, but all with one problem - aren't present work or housing.

One of victims Nikolay Gandybul, the inhabitant Balovnogo, in the past the machine operator, after dismissal from work decided to settle the driver and addressed according to the announcement of the newspaper "Call" in this agency.

- I was given here number of the employer, after a call it made an appointment, but itself to it didn't come - I waited two hours, and understood that it won't be. And number became inaccessible. I decided to go to demand other numbers or a refund, and I was told that nobody will return money. New number costs new money, you call on - old.

In the same way managed with Fedor Kulikovsky and many others. And swindlers acted according to different schemes, to someone gave numbers on which it is visible, answered then got rid of a card, and to someone at all gave numbers of simple people which at all have anybody no relation neither to their firm, nor to work or the apartment.So one of deceived in general was given phone number of his godmother, and to injured Boris Mlintsov provided number of the employee tax which in perplexity couldn't understand, apropos, what work it to it calls and from where I took its number …

In the conditions of crisis similar "agencies" grow as if mushrooms after a good summer rain - statements in militia arrive literally every day.


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