Booth "caught" on high treason

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The vice-chairman of "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction Roman Zvarych accuses the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from WELL - Jurij Booth's NANOSECOND of high treason in connection with preservation of a rank of the reserve officer of Armed forces of Russia at it. The press is told about it - services WELL - NANOSECOND in the message.

"Preservation for Booth of a rank of the reserve officer of Armed forces of the Russian Federation can be a sign of a crime which, according to the Criminal code, is qualified as high treason", - Roman Zvarych told.

The deputy considers that Jurij Booth's statement that in 2002 he refused nationality of Russia, means nothing. It reminded that the law "About Nationality" establishes procedure of obtaining nationality of Ukraine which obligatory stage is receiving for 2 years after submission of the statement of the document which testifies to loss of nationality of other state.

"As Booth doesn't remember the fact of obtaining such document, I for myself draw a conclusion that it just didn't finish process of loss of the Russian nationality", - Roman Zvarych noted.

According to Roman Zvarycha, only existence of the Russian nationality explains preservation for Booth ranks of the reserve officer of VS of Russia. Roman Zvarych reminded that the fact of a dual citizenship is the basis for loss of nationality of Ukraine, and loss of nationality of Ukraine, in turn, automatically leads to loss of the deputy mandate.

Thus he advises Booth to resign authority of the deputy of Rada, while the getting is good.

On June 6 deputies of Rada Igor Rybakov (BYuT fraction) and Jurij Booth reported about the decision to leave structure of the coalition. The fraction of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" Block initiated dismissal of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Jurij Booth (WELL - NANOSECOND) from a position of the member of parliamentary committee on justice questions. Ukrainian news


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