Yury Lutsenko asks banks to arm with video cameras

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko urges banking institutions to equip the rooms with video cameras for the prevention of crimes, in particular robberies, from - for an economic crisis.

He told about it to journalists on Friday, report the Ukrainian news.

"To banking institutions at me at all a request, and the requirement - to put on the entrances of a video camera. They, unfortunately, constantly refuse it and today from - for it are quite seriously punished by financial losses", - he told.

With Lutsenko's same request I addressed to businessmen and rich people who are able to afford video surveillance.

According to him, it will help them, and also their neighbors.

It gave a case as an example from the experience.

"I will tell directly, I at an entrance have a video surveillance and when in the house there was quite serious robbery, exactly thanks to this video camera we know now by sight robbers, and they are wanted now. I think, them will catch", - Lutsenko told.

Thus, the minister emphasized that it is necessary not only to count on militia, but also not to forget about responsibility of each of citizens.

As it was reported, in November Lutsenko declared that is concerned by growth of street crime in connection with an economic crisis in the country.

According to him, as a result of crisis many people lost work, and it pushes them on commission of criminal activity.

In this regard he urged citizens to keep the savings on bank accounts.


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