Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko: The big love of the president isn't necessary to me!

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"It not for the press"

- Yury Vitalyevich, I want to congratulate you on last birthday (we will remind that on December 14 the minister was 44 years old. - Editor's note). I know that the newly elected speaker Vladimir Litvin presented to you an icon, and the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko sent a bunch of flowers. And how the president Victor Yushchenko congratulated you?

- Victor Andreevich called me. I wished health and longevity. Then we talked with it politics. But it not for the press.

- You weren't touched by so modest congratulation? During orange revolution you with the president were "comrades in arms". Probably, you hoped to hear words of gratitude for the done work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

- No. For me as minister normal and business contact with the head of state is important. As, however, as well as absence of strong love. Both that, and another disturbs normal work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 300-thousand army.

As far as I know, the guarantor is going to arrive for celebration of Day of militia in the Ukraine Palace. Except it, there promised to be the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko and the speaker Vladimir Litvin.

- Really this Trinity will be able peacefully to remain sitting at one table and not to quarrel?

- The table won't be. There will be an opportunity to tell something kind in Day Saint Nikolay.

"Alexander Tretyakov"

was the first of the fined drivers - deputies

- The Verkhovna Rada at last - that adopted the Law "About Traffic Regulations". The militia achieved it more than three years. What results of an innovation? Whether helped to change high penalties a situation on roads to the best?

- For me the most great value - human life. And in comparison with last year the number of the people who have died in road accident decreased by 20%. In other words, we kept life to 1771 person! The number fell to 19% traumatized are about 14 thousand people. For a month of action of this document we collected about 80 million hryvnias from which 25 million already paid in the state budget.

- And what violations are allowed in most cases by drivers?

- From 400 thousand registered violations of 316 thousand is the driving through red light, the drunk driver at a wheel, speed excess. These violations could lead to serious consequences. I hope, having paid a serious penalty, drivers will reflect on, whether costs to them лихачить and that after that remains at them in a purse.

- Skilled drivers predict that poshes on - former will create a lawlessness on the road. Pier, after law introduction the bribe sum to the inspector increased. If gave 20 hryvnias, now - 100 earlier. It is simpler, than to pay a penalty. And money for rich small …

- For this purpose there is a photo - and video surveillance. We already established 100 video cameras. Now we buy in addition 300 more. And to the first quarter of new year we will finish their number to 1000.

When video cameras will fix not less than 80% of violations, problems with corruption on roads will be minimized. Around the world use such practice.

By the way, wealthy people too the different. For example, among those who was already fined, there are also People's Deputies. The first Alexander Tretyakov "caused a stir". He called me and told that paid a penalty. And I am grateful to it for it. The person understands: if you voted for the law, so has to carry out it.

"Militiamen beat within an inch of the life and dumped the colleague from other power structure"

- And all - completely the militia, probably, won't get rid of corruption never. And it means that the staff of Service of internal security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs always will have a work. How many this year militiamen it is brought to trial? For what crimes they were punished?

- It is subject very unpleasant for me. But we are obliged to carry out work on clarification of the ranks and we will do it and from now on.

On our materials in 11 months of the current year the prosecutor's office brought 550 criminal cases, including for illegal detention and a beating of citizens - 93. For illegal searches and a taking property - 27. For groundless criminal prosecution - 21. For causeless detention - 9. For application of tortures - 4.

- What case struck you most of all?

- In the Crimea employees of transport militia illegally detained, beat within an inch of the life, robed and dumped ex-the employee of other power structure. But the man, fortunately, survived and addressed to us with the statement.As a result of 10 people were dismissed from the Simferopol transport militia.

One more wild case occurred in the Nikolaev area. There police officers tortures forced two guys to admit theft of mobile phones, and then demanded a bribe of 400 dollars for diversion. These a grief - militiamen already on a dock.

- And the administration of unfair militiamen knew about their adventures?

- Knew or not, but it was punished. Heads have to watch the people.

Alas, in militia, as well as in any other department, there are different people. But we try that unfair became as little as possible.

- Not a secret that often courts are limited to administrative punishment for the guilty high-ranking militia corrupt officials …

- Yes. And it is very bad. Because punishment for those who already got on hot, the best prevention for prevention of the similar phenomena. I very much hope that the prosecutor's office and courts at last - that will take a principled stand in this question.

"The problem of aggression of militiamen to journalists exists"

- During public actions in the capital the militia used more than once force. For example, during march far right on Vladimirskaya Street. Thus journalists become victims of militiamen often. So, during events on Vladimir the press photographer of "KP" Elena Starostenko poisoned with gas …

- In - the first, it is difficult for militiamen to define, who before them - the journalist or the direct participant of the action. Not a secret, your colleagues often go for meeting to support demonstrators. And after detention suddenly it becomes clear: these people work in mass media!

In - the second, the problem of aggression of militiamen to representatives of the press really exists, and it is possible to solve it in only one way - to punish the guilty. In each case we make investigation and we make employees responsible. But the militia is an inert mechanism. Has to pass time that there were basic changes to the best.

I will note that this year about 5 thousand workers of an internal are brought to administrative responsibility for various violations.

- Before carrying out Euro-2012 there were only three years. Whether the militia will manage to be reconstructed? Not a secret that on football matches hand of the excited militiamen with bludgeons is come by the innocent audience.Such cases took place in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, the Sumy area …

- Around the world protection of sports club works at football matches. And the police comes if the serious stir began and not to do without it. It is known that the type of the armed militiaman at stadium only pushes fans arranging a fight. We have football clubs why - that is considered that they have to receive for the sold tickets for a match money, and troubles - we.

- And what to do?

- The government already made the decision: Euro-2012 will be protected by private security guards. We in return did everything possible to train the fighters for various critical situations. Carried out doctrines, instructed, adopted experience at colleagues from other countries. I hope, everything will pass well. Though has to tell honestly: on preparation for Euro-2012 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs didn't arrive kopeks from the budget-2008 and isn't present in the draft budget-2009.

"Us organizers of criminal schemes"


- In system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the new division of special operations is created. Than his employees are engaged?

- Many ministries in the management opposed such experiment. But I insisted. I understand that the militia has to work not only for monthly result and statistics. It is necessary to think of deeper operational work. Management which will be engaged in exposure of organizers and leaders of criminal groups, instead of detention of performers is necessary.

- If I correctly understood, your employees will repeat Vladimir Sharapov's feat from the movie "The Meeting Place Can Not Be Changed" which took root into a gang "A black cat"?

- Absolutely truly. At first we threw a call in the Ministry of Internal Affairs that among the employees to find wishing to be engaged in this dangerous work. Then selected from them the best and began to learn. And then carried out an inspection. As - that at the night of children alarmed. Told that they go on the real task. When those got to apartments where allegedly there were bandits, on them attacked with fists. Pier, we know that you are cops! Our some employees made a mistake, but many even after them beat, all denied. These people also remained to work in specialmanagement. By the way, more than 30 percent of staff - the girl.

- That is they yet didn't carry out the real operations?

- Why? Recently the worker from this division within special operation "Caravan" was enlisted by the conductor in a gang which was engaged in a transportation of illegal migrants from Asia to Western Europe. It allowed us to contact the organizer of an organized criminal group - the native of Afghanistan who lived in Kiev. His accomplices are detained, as, however, and a network of conductors in the Zakarpatye area. Further the special forces will be engaged in exposure of groups which are engaged in a drug traffic and illegal land allocations, human trafficking and create channels for an illicit transportation of antiques. I will emphasize that us organizers of criminal schemes and leaders of large criminal groups interest not the six, and.

- And what money is received by reckless guys and girls from these special forces?

- Same, as well as all. Perhaps, the award at them has a little more, than at others. For them the main thing - professional passion and call of duty.

Thieves in law under control

- Recently from the airport Borispol by trip plane to Georgia employees of Head department on fight against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine deported the citizen of this country Zaz Dzhumberovich Sharikadze known in criminal circles by nickname of Suliko. According to the Russian law enforcement agencies, Suliko is a nephew in due time the influential thief in law Omar Sharicadze (Omar Tbilisscy) who died in Moscow in 2003. The native of Sukhumi allegedly arrived to Ukraine for redistribution of spheres of criminal influence and a meeting with the known thief in law from Sumy - Leroy. Whether truth it?

- This very influential thieves' authority didn't "get accustomed" in Ukraine. But we too broke attempt of other thieves to carry out a meeting in Odessa and to the Crimea. So I would recommend to criminal authorities of any rank not to play about with GUBOP system.

By the way, at the time of appointment of the new chief of this division we in the country had 15 "crowned" persons. Four of them - the Car, Hivyyu, Artur and to Lech Krasnodonskogo - we brought to trial. One more was arrested in Germany. Three in writing refused the thieves' status. Thus, operating remained three. They try to revive old thieves' movement. But they will manage nothing. We constantly keep an eye on them.

- And how affairs with the Georgian criminals are?

- It is a problem.There come legalists, their suite, all are perfectly equipped, and begins: purses and man purses steal, apartments plunder, cars hijack. Only the unfortunate city of Chernigov, for example, they "бомбанули" on some tens apartments and some million hryvnias. Money all are spent already on drink and distributed. Fortunately, any of them here for a long time wasn't late. This year we arrested more than 300 leaders of an organized criminal group and turned out from the country of 12 thieves in law.

In the case of Kurochkin motions aren't present

- Whether it managed to militia to move off dead center in disclosure of murder of Max Kurochkin?

- Alas, while isn't present. But it doesn't mean that and will be. We in this direction work.

- You declared that you as Minister of Internal Affairs have bases to claim that the pastor of "God's Embassy" Sandey Adeladzha is involved in the financial scheme of Kingz Kepital group. The pastor in turn accused you of slander …

- Based on an evidence and interrogations of suspects, I insist that had the right to make such statement. Аделаджа it is involved in this swindle. But it doesn't mean that it accused or suspected. Degree of its responsibility for activity of a pyramid will establish a consequence.

- The pastor already interrogated?

- No. At first we have to deal with the performer, then find intermediaries and then be engaged in the organizer. In general, victims from God's Church already hold a meeting and demand to protect their pastor from me. I read about sects much, but such behavior didn't expect. Yes any here not panic! This cynical robbery of trustful Ukrainians. Meanwhile the question of financial frauds concerns already Odessa, Poltava, Kharkov and other cities. And my request to everyone who suffered: immediately address with the statement in militia!


It is a little about policy

- I am glad that the question of the coalition is resolved, - Yury Lutsenko speaks. - This subject tired me, as well as a question of GAI. To what press - conference you won't come, everywhere ask about GAI and the coalition. I am convinced that the coalition is necessary. Let it shaky, but it be better, than to arrange re-elections in a situation socially - economic collapse which brought us world crisis.

- Whether the question about new the prime minister - the minister will be brought up?

One does not swap horses while crossing the ford. Yulia Timoshenko's energy is known for everything, and it is necessary in such heavy time.

- The part "WELL" wasn't included into the coalition …

- I consider it as a gross blunder.Some of them refuse that format of the coalition which declared before the voter. And after all not I put these principles. This is Victor Baloga with Yulia Vladimirovna signed documents on a format of participation in elections (who will gather more, at that and premieres) and distributed portfolios. When we, despite everything, won, Baloga the first and started torpedoing the agreement which itself I built. But we will leave him alone. I hope, soon it everything - will come true. In full sense of this word. Anyway the majority of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND already lives the, instead of baloginsky reason.

- In the draft budget for 2009 scandalous point on financing of early elections in parliament is allegedly put. Whether there is it the next stumbling block?

- Yes there is there nothing about elections, I watched the draft of the state budget of Pinzenik. Perhaps, there is one more? However, and there is no financing of similar adventures.

- What your forecast - whether will adopt the budget in the current year?

- I think and. During long and scandalous one day in parliament. For months it won't be tightened.

- The deputy from BYuT Feldman declared about possible creations after New year of the wide coalition with Party of Regions. And what you will tell?

- Perhaps, Feldman also knows something. I am not aware. In general it is necessary to stop senseless merrymakings round a subject of early elections and the coalition. In the country crisis, that is not before fight of four applicants for three stools. Everything, point. In any format the efficient majority in the Verkhovna Rada and the responsible government is necessary. It is necessary to think of the solution of serious questions, instead of on employment of party leaders. Or after birthday celebration I am too optimistical?


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