More than 100 thousand our fellow citizens became victims of human trafficking

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The department on drugs and crime of the UN prepared the report on human trafficking. According to it, Ukraine is included into group of ten countries which inhabitants most often become victims of illegal business. On this indicator our country equated to Moldova, Thailand and Nigeria.

According to the International Organization of Migration (IOM), since 1991 about 100 thousand Ukrainians became human trafficking victims. The most part from them underwent labor operation. In the first three of the countries where most often carry our people, - Russia, Turkey and Poland.

According to representatives of MEGOHM, fault to such situation economic problems, high unemployment rate among young women. Organized criminal groups of national and international levels use this combination of factors.

What reasons

The adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Ekaterina Levchenko adds: in Ukraine not so much problem of high unemployment rate, as low wage. Therefore many Ukrainians are shipped outward on earnings. "Almost in all countries employment isn't lawful owing to what there is a soil for human trafficking", - she explains.

At the same time there is a category of citizens who voluntary agree on servitude. "People, having financial problems, understanding that they on the verge of a survival, it is deliberate or on ignorance agree on tempting offers and become object of purchase and sale", - the chairman of the board of the International league of protection of the rights of citizens of Ukraine Eduard Bagirov notes.

The expert claims: this year militiamen became better to fight against human trafficking. "Certainly, with counteraction to this criminal business we on not rather high level, however progress have a situation. In comparison with last year the number of export of people abroad decreased by 10-15%", - Bagirov noted.

According to Ministry of Internal Affairs Department on the fight against crime connected with human trafficking, in nine months 2008 304 crimes are solved.This year 320 victims, from which 85 - men, 235 - women are already returned to Ukraine. Besides, activity of 17 organized groups was stopped.

Forecasts for the future

But in the future militiamen predict situation deterioration from - for financially - an economic crisis. From - for it financing of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which is engaged in this perspective also can be reduced. "Now there is a fight for the budget. As the ministry will be financed, will be financed so and the relevant division (on fight against human trafficking. - "BUSINESS")", - is noted by Ekaterina Levchenko. Nevertheless the program accepted in 2007 is separately financed. Then for three years for fight against human trafficking allocated about 1,5 million hryvnias.

Besides, the negative forecast is caused by the coming nearer championship on soccer of Euro-2012. "Ukraine can become the country where import citizens. The big sports event and experience of other countries show that during such numerous actions prostitution, human trafficking" actively increases, - Levchenko speaks. Now, by UN estimates, we have this average indicator. To Ukraine illegally bring citizens from Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan.


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