What Organized Crime Control Department is necessary to us?

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Serious guarantees of independence of special forces on fight against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, allowing not only to return former power the Organized Crime Control Department, but also to come to qualitatively other level of work - to such result can lead adoption of the new law. Its project concerning improvement of legal bases of fight against organized crime and corruption, provides vertical submission of such special forces. That is regional structures the Organized Crime Control Department will directly submit to Kiev, instead of regional heads of GUMVD, as now. It has to minimize influence of local authorities on special forces. The head of GUBOP will be appointed for a period of five years (present during independence of Ukraine already the tenth). It is offered to include also in structure the Organized Crime Control Department investigative special forces.

To understand, whether somebody else is interested in all this, except the Organized Crime Control Department, we will begin from far away.

In public consciousness the thought that law enforcement agencies work for anyone, only not for ordinary taxpayers was claimed. As for directly Organized Crime Control Department, it is known that it can be not only powerful and effective structure, but also especially dangerous. We remember how the Organized Crime Control Department of the first half 90-x managed to tire out organized crime as it took its place, перекрышевав remained ownerless business in a niche. His acting employees began to be on friendly terms families and to run business with those whom still yesterday stacked the person on asphalt.

Experts know more, but also we can claim that the number of natives from the Organized Crime Control Department, the criminal groups which have organized, headed and simply been a part which were successfully operating not one year, - impresses. We speak about employees who appear in materials of criminal cases. And after all latency of activity of such groups is much higher, than at the "laymans" which haven't been let into secrets of fight against organized crime. The "former" employees cops become mainly after detention, and up to this point actively use the communications and official position in criminal intents.

Heads of all ranks often retire from this structure well wealthy people - and the speech here at all about preferential pension.

Almost all this to some extent can be carried to law-enforcement system in general. But if we are going to strengthen the Organized Crime Control Department, once you think, to us to strengthen law-enforcement structure, instead of to create even more powerful legalizirovanny group. To make so that society had less reasonable claims to law enforcement agencies, and the state created at least the minimum opportunities for their normal activity, since the Organized Crime Control Department. This time we won't concern questions financial, is material - technical providing, and we will stop only on those aspects which don't demand considerable material inputs.

The first question is a question of a personal responsibility of each employee. On this way it is necessary to begin with the small. The author of these lines was struck by the fact told by staff of specialarchives. It appears, we had a surprising tradition. Each head the Organized Crime Control Department (as well as other militia divisions) by all means calls the staff of archive and charges to find any pretext for destruction of expeditious affairs. And these affairs, which part in general should be stored it is termless, are destroyed later three - five years after transfer to archive!

We can study history, addressing to the documents of the imperial okhranka which have remained to this day. And after all present expeditious affairs are, among other things, unique chronicles of our time which too can be interesting to somebody in the future. But modern militiamen carefully cover up tracks. They want to retire and not to think quietly that at any new power of paper under which there are them signatures and with which they quite often document own office crimes, can become a sentence. So for them it not archives, and a compromising evidence.

It is simple to put an end to such practice, and for this purpose it isn't required any additional budgetary funds. Simply the archive has to be inviolable. Well and links that thus protect from declassification of agents, have to mislead nobody.

As well as in any other business, defining factor in fight against crime are shots. If we speak about revival of elite divisions, it is necessary to choose the best professionals, instead of to nod on that militia - a flesh from a people flesh, and we stuck together it "from this that was".

Today the Organized Crime Control Department - a favourite place for creation of career of different children - general, governor's, other fathers - millionaires. Their young offsprings, of course, settle only in "economic" departments. I pound from them, as a rule, not much if to speak about interests of service.

And after all earlier, at the time of specializing on fight against the organized crime "shesterok" (the former sixth department), it was impossible to get to the Organized Crime Control Department, without having a serious operational experience. And to the Ministry of Internal Affairs then came in a rank not below the major. Today in central office the senior lieutenant easily can work, as obliges leaving to teach mind - reason of the pro, not one ten years devoted to fight against the organized crime, for example, where - нибудь in Odessa. To them even the innate sense of humour doesn't help to perceive such visits normally.

As for shots. Today appoint to any positions, without paying special attention to the conclusions prepared by service of internal security. In WB on the employee there can be "a red card": everywhere, where only it is possible, is more true - it is impossible - I consisted, I participated, I am mixed and it is suspected. But it appoint to a senior position.

From reliable sources it is known that today practically aren't taken into account and the conclusions of doctors. That you regularly take drug - your personal problem or pleasure, but at all contraindication for service. Unfortunately, it not hyperbole.

Employees of internal security … are afraid to drive in into base similar data on colleagues. Because no objective characteristics become today an obstacle to hold an important post in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And tomorrow about whom you here collected materials, becomes your immediate superior with all that it implies.

How many there at us regularly taking drug - on senior positions and on operational work - approximately only departmental doctors know yes to internal security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Though it already concerns long ago not them internal, and our safety.

It is necessary to enter also check on a staff polygraph the Organized Crime Control Department - beginning from tendency to violation of the law and finishing financial position, including close relatives. And those competent militiamen who consider that this human rights violation, have to or realize that they work in very specific structure, or to go where - нибудь to other place.Well and the head appointed on five years with the deputies have to pass such test first of all, probably, in the presence of officials of other departments. The management of GUBOP have to check not only without any discounts, but with special addiction. Results of this check shouldn't be secret. They and so people public. And not the poor.

It is necessary to oblige the staff of special forces is universal to pass regular physical examination, making all necessary tests. And the one who makes the decision to leave the colleague in which blood drugs of three types are found, for example, in a system, has to know that he risks.

On the other hand, today there are no organized criminal groups (we don't speak about banal gangs) without serious corruption communications. To resist to this evil, there has to be the powerful professional structure which employees are most protected from any illegal influence.

As well as it is specified in the bill, the management the Organized Crime Control Department shouldn't change because of change of Cabinet of Ministers. Vertical submission, as well as appointment of the head of GUBOP for a period of five years is absolutely logical. After all, to tell the truth, expeditious development of serious criminal group can last not only half a year as generals modestly claim, being afraid of misunderstanding and proceeding from law requirements, and year and more. While change of the management is under our conditions capable to bring to naught all laborious work. But provided by the law it is obviously not enough.

It is necessary to protect the employees untangling the most difficult affairs, from a method of fight popular now with pig-headed cops whom drag on vessels for few - a malsky fault of five-year prescription. And when in any regional prosecutor's office or court gangster money arrives, the police officer isn't rescued even by public support of the minister and generals. ("ZN" wrote about similar cases, including about business of the major V. Petrunko, the senior lieutenants V. Egorov, I.Negoda, etc.). Therefore the prosecutor's office of a certain level has to have the right to make responsible the employee the Organized Crime Control Department, instead of all who feel like it and money are necessary.

Why not to impute a duty of the corresponding official (prosecutor) transfer of case papers to employees, for example, from other area if there is the corresponding official report of the local management the Organized Crime Control Department? After all even if to bring special forces out of submission of local militia, in the near future all of them will equally depend on local government from - for the same apartments, for example.

All these moments about which it was spoken above, have to be settled by the law - to violate it everything - a little more terribly, than bylaws or departmental instructions, also supplied with a security classification.

Whether so there corresponds to interests of society notable strengthening the Organized Crime Control Department? Undoubtedly - yes, especially in view of obvious deterioration of a criminogenic situation. But only if this real power and very great opportunities are interfaced to so real, inevitable personal responsibility of everyone who recited the oath.


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