Criminal results of year: the number of rapes and the facts of illegal weapon handling

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According to law-enforcement bodies, in January - November in area 10310 crimes that is 0,8% less, than for the corresponding period 2007р are registered. From total number of criminal manifestations of 32,3% - heavy and especially heavy.

Compared with January - November 2007р. for 19,4% the number of hooliganisms, grew by 15,8% - rapes, for 13,9% - illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives, for 12,5% - extortion, for 6,3% - the facts of involvement of minors in criminal activity and for 4,8% - drawings deliberate heavy injuries.

At the same time, for 40,7% the number of robberies, decreased by a third - deliberate murders and attempts at murder, at 27,6% - robberies, for 17,8% - the facts of an illegal taking vehicles, for 17,7% - violations of the rules of traffic safety or transport operation by persons who direct vehicles, and for 0,4% - the fraud facts.

In eleven months 1651 thefts of rather private property (from them every seventh - theft from apartments) are recorded of this year.

Law-enforcement bodies for January - November found and stopped activity of 8 organized groups and the criminal organizations which have committed 99 crimes. 70,7% of crimes belong to heavy and especially heavy.

The number of victims from crimes made 4619 persons, among them 1102 - women, 120 - pensioners, 279 - minors.

From total number (6416) persons involved in crimes, the internal affairs established by bodies, 16,9% committed a crime in group, 16,6% already became on a criminal way (23,9% from them have not removed or outstanding criminal record), 16,1% were in an alcohol intoxication. From among the revealed criminals every eighth - the woman, 5,1% - minors. 82,2% of the efficient persons suspected of commission of crimes, at the time of commission of crime didn't work and didn't study, reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.


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