Anti-hero of our time

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"It is the portrait made of defects
all our generation, in their full development"
M. Lermontov, "Hero of our time"

The people love heroes. Heroes come when them need. They make feats, give to people of opening and pleasure, relieve of enemies and misfortunes.

Anti-heroes come though anybody doesn't call them. They good with themselves don't bring anything and if relieve society, only of something valuable, most often the material. Anti-heroes are greedy, crafty and - in the majority - are imperceptible.

Victor Bezdolny, former director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot", classical anti-hero.

It is greedy and crafty. Also it is imperceptible. I was still. But check of GLAVKRU opened not simply violations, and the actual plundering of tens of millions budget money on state enterprise which he directed. It gives hope that in the case of the schemer the end will be eventually put.

"Бездолить" - to deprive of a share,
to ruin, offend.
V. Dahl's explanatory dictionary

Channel and "канальи"

When the Ukrainian government in 2004 made the decision on construction of a deep-water ship canal "Danube-Black Sea" (GSK), it was guided by a pragmatic state position. Only domestic shipowners annually give to foreign treasury more than one million dollars for pilotage by the Romanian channels.

The picture after start-up of GSK seemed fully idyllic - on the channel which will connect the Ukrainian sea possession with the main European transport corridors, domestic and foreign vessels will go, making multimillion profit in our budget. In parallel with it, ports of Ukrainian of Pridunavya, ship-repair plants, motor and railway transport of the region even more will develop. The state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" became the customer of "the project of an eyelid" in the Ukrainian navigation.

The project was huge and ambitious. He demanded mobilization of all forces and energy. But the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" of that time Victor Bezdolny, first of all, turned the ability and experience of the head on a construction of other "channel". For construction of "Bezdolny's channel" it wasn't required neither equipment, nor granite stones, transport.It was necessary to find accomplices, to think over the scheme and to sign necessary papers that on new "channel" right there went … isn't present, not the ships, money. And it is exclusive in one direction "the state budget-a personal pocket".

In dry figures of check of CREWE which in the current year made investigation of correctness of use of public funds during construction of a ship canal, at least some criminal cases concerning the management of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" of the period of 2007 are covered. The people speak: "theft of one ruble - a crime, one million theft - statistics". In the case of financial "deep-criminal" channels of companion Bezdolny - continuous statistics.

We will count once again the act of GLAVKRU: financial violations - on 25 million hryvnias; violations on government purchases - 132,5 million hryvnias; illegal use by intermediaries of means - more than 15 million. As a result of all this "managing", the object which is financed for 67%, was constructed for 5,5%. More than a half of the budgetary funds sent on "building of a century", departured in known but while it is judicial not proved, the direction.

Companion Bezdolny quite could see off today "the master - classes" on the subject "withdrawal of money at the state". If investigating authorities manage to convince him to open the ноу - Hau, we receive colourful particulars from it personally. And now we should operate with boring acts of CREWE. But even behind dry figures there is before eyes that is called "a picture oil" - "As our anti-hero the budget отбездолил".

"Eventually, without assistant difficult, - I thought
Ippolit Matveevich, - and the swindler it, apparently, big".
Ilf and Petrov, "12 chairs"

"Highway" to enrichment

On September 21, 2007 companion Bezdolny without approval of the project signs the contract with the little-known enterprise JSC Ukrmorshlyakh for the sum of 68,1 million hryvnias. By the way, it was all budget which has been released by the state in 2007 on construction of the protecting dam. Why it to nobody the known limited liability company was chosen for so serious work? Why they, at all without having at that time the necessary license, become winners of the phony tender announced on performance of work on construction of a dam? The answer lies on a surface - the head of this "limited" society who other, as the husband of the deputy director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" on finance.The scheme is clear and simple - the director and his financial deputy, working in arrangement, direct the budgetary streams on "the" enterprise.

Well and that, you will tell. You never know relatives works at the enterprises between which contracts are signed. Whether costs from - for it to cast a shadow on honest people? Yes, if "Ukrmorshlyakh" in time (but, though once! ) I performed necessary works, all our investigations wouldn't cost and the eaten-away egg. But the matter is that the developed scheme initially conducted only to one - theft of public funds.

Seven months later (having twice exceeded time which has been released on all construction) works on the device of a dam were "successfully" performed for 5,6%. Thus financial calculations were conducted perfectly and "drummers of capitalist work" at that time already received from GP "The Delta — the Pilot" of real hryvnias in the sum of 48 million (more than 50% of all estimate). The stone for a nasypaniye of a dam was delivered criminally slowly owing to what the strong Danube current managed to wash away filled until as slow contractors in 2-3 weeks brought the following party of materials.

By the way about a stone. Check of works on dam construction "on a stone" didn't leave a stone, studying JSC "Ukrmorshlyakha" production. Quality of a delivered material didn't correspond to technical conditions. And this "not standard" was 50 000 cubic meters less, than was specified in documents. The head of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" V. Bezdolny and the guide of the contractor simply - напросто robbed the state on 48 million hryvnias only on one stones. What to speak about such "trifles" as opaque the tender and overestimate of cost of services on which, by the way, schemers sewed to themselves "excess" 15 million.

Already and the head of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Victor Bezdolny became "the former head", already and new management of state enterprise chose to itself other contractor, and "Ukrmorshlyakh" still doesn't leave attempt to continue to parasitize on the state budget. The enterprise at which only ten people to which doesn't belong any unit of special equipment are registered, after the termination of period of validity of the contract unexpectedly submits the claim on GP "The Delta — the Pilot". Schemers ask court to collect the sum of ten million hryvnias from state enterprise and to seize financial means of GP. Thus works for which they exposed the claim, not only weren't brought in the construction general plan, but also at all by them were executed. Mo - a lot - цы!

Chicken on a kernel.

"Julius Caesar was able to do
at the same time seven cases"
National rumor

I don't know as the emperor Julius Caesar, but our anti-hero could do many things at the same time. Whether it is worth saying that all these affairs were in actual fact not simply doubtful, but also obviously pursued one aim - theft of public funds from the enterprise budget.

In 2007 Bezdolny makes the decision on office sale "The delta - the pilot" in the downtown and moving of collective to the rented room (2 000 sq.m.) being in general behind line of Nikolaev. Despite of such trifles as absence of the rights for object property at the enterprise with which the lease contract is signed, Bezdolny transfers more than 2 million hryvnias to accounts of this firm of rent payments. And it without utility costs, protection, cleaning, etc. Moving came true as a way of "economy of budgetary funds" and need to sell the released office. Eventually, the office wasn't all the same sold, and the lease contract was recognized as check as obviously unprofitable for GP. The losses put to the state on this operation, made more than 900 thousand hryvnias. And, as we know, money doesn't leave in "anywhere". "If such contracts are signed, it means to somebody favourably", - as the proletarian poet would tell, have he opportunity to get acquainted with materials of this business.

Rent of cars with drivers (total amount of the contract of 11 million UAH) also took place the "beautiful" tender and brought GP "The Delta — the Pilot" losses on three and a half million. It is necessary to understand what exactly such sum settled in Victor Bezdolny's pockets not without participation of JSC Trafik OSK which appeared the winner of competition, despite obvious violations of the law.

Not the fact - will be told by you - that all this money stolen from the state got to a pocket to our anti-hero. Not the fact, we will agree and finally we will glance to the truth in eyes, to be exact, in a pocket to Victor Bezdolnom. In an official pocket of the director of state enterprise. According to the decision of appellate court, the average daily salary of V. Bezdolny calculated on the basis of financial documents, made 6 094,21 UAH. More than six thousand a day were received by the talented manager in state enterprise cash desk. Taking into account twenty three working days Bezdolny's "modest" monthly salary made more than hundred forty thousand hryvnias.Audit of CREWE specified, what to companion Bezdolnom was illegally overpaid (whom? - by itself, as director of the enterprise! ) more than one million hundred thousand hryvnias of a salary.

"How many a rope to twist, and to the end to be"
Oral creativity

Everything in the world comes to an end sooner or later. There is a strong wish to believe that time of the "successful" manager Victor Bezdolny who in actual fact appeared the primitive criminal ended. Check of GLAVKRU and publication of materials on financial violations grant to us the right to hope and that the guilty will be punished, and that now "бездолить" GP "The Delta — the Pilot" budget nobody will be. Information that the public tax administration of the Nikolaev area opened activity of the konvertatsionny center in which the last management of state enterprise was involved encourages also. Most likely, in these "black holes" departed budgetary funds in 2006-2007.

Perhaps, in the next time, a puzzle of a crime it will be difficult, and guilty it is put. That over Victor Bezdolny serious threat hung, says that fact that recently he started conducting negotiations on occurrence into the list of one of parliamentary parties on probable early elections in the Verkhovna Rada. The deputy mandate and inviolability - a remarkable board for Victor Bezdolny. Here only Bezdolny with his reputation of "the budgetary pilferer" not such a remarkable find for any party.


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