Inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina don't listen to councils of the Minister Lutsenko and become victims of robbers

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko repeatedly declared that in connection with an aggravation of an economic crisis in Ukraine cases of thefts became frequent. In this regard the Minister of Internal Affairs Yu. Lutsenko призвает Ukrainians not to store own savings of the house: "I address to citizens to be attentive and careful concerning storage of a large number of money in houses". But not all inhabitants of the Nikolaev area listen to sonnets of the Minister of Internal Affairs. In this regard, in Nikolayevshchina cases of robberies became frequent.

So, on December 28, around 23.30 in the village Green Guy Zhovtnevogo of the region of the Nikolaev area, unknown broke into the house of the pensioner of 1921 year of birth. Threatening with use of physical force, they selected at the pensioner of 30 thousand UAH

And on December 30 in пгт Kazanka of the Nikolaev area, three unknown broke into the house of the local resident of 1981 year of birth. Also, as well as in a case with the pensioner, threatening with physical violence, took control of its money in the sum of 50 thousand UAH and the mobile phone. Didn't prevent criminals and that money was in the safe. The got a fright girl herself opened the safe.

Staff of criminal investigation department of Zhovtnevy and the Kazankovsky District Department of Internal Affairs are engaged at present in search of robbers. If criminals manage to be caught, them punishment in the form of the imprisonment from four to eight years, prescribed by Art. 186 ч.3 can threaten UK of Ukraine - "Robbery".

So can, all - it is necessary to listen to council of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko and not to push luck, preserving in the dwelling such large sums of money.


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