On January 10-11 during working off of the markets of the Nikolaev area 37 places of spontaneous trade

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The condition of observance of the current legislation in the markets, places of wholesale and spontaneous realization of goods continues to cause serious concern both from the management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and from the population.

The markets of area as well as remain earlier places of the increased risk where the criminogenic element concentrates, its criminal intentions are realized, the current legislation and the rights of consumers is roughly violated. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Still the numerous facts of sale in the markets of counterfeit production, drugs, pyrotechnic production, illegal realization of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, carrying out illegal currency transactions, buying up plundered and so forth take place.

In the markets foreign citizens who are in the state territory with violation of the current legislation have essential influence on a condition of a law and order and illegally received residence permits and nationality of Ukraine.

For the purpose of appropriate influence on a condition of an operational situation on territories of the markets, the management of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the solution 10 and 11 of January of the current year is made to carry out working off of all markets which function in the area territory.

As a whole 523 police officers of territorial divisions were involved in working off, among which district police officers and patrol inspectors, militiamen of division "Golden eagle" and others.

Working off were 21 food markets, 9 nonfood and 55 mixed markets, including 27 regional centers located in the territory are captured.

In Nikolaev the special attention was concentrated in the markets - "Komsomol", "Yuliana", "Vanguard", "Horn", "Torgservice", "Yuzhny", "Shtrasse", "Ship", "Phoenix".

As a result of the taken measures in two days 37 crimes of the criminal direction, among which three thefts of personal property, the robbery, three frauds, two crimes connected with a drug trafficking and other crimes of an economic orientation are solved. 37 criminals are detained.

During working off 59 checks of foreigners who were engaged in trade activity including 24 in the markets of the regional center are carried out. Thanks to the carried-out checks 8 illegal migrants from whom two are detained with invalid residence permits are revealed.

The considerable attention was paid to identification and documenting of administrative offenses. During working off 885 administrative reports, among which are made: for violation of the rules of trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, for trade violation of the rules in the markets, for trade from hands in unspecified places, for illegal distribution of counterfeit production, for violation by foreigners and stateless persons of rules of stay at Ukraine.

Besides, 37 places of spontaneous trade are liquidated by the taken preventive measures.


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