"The governor Kruglov covers bandits", - Yatsenyuk about events in Vradiyevke

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The report of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko is necessary for further work of parliament in BP on the latest resonant events in Vradiyevk's village in Nikolayevshchina.

Such statement from a parliamentary tribune was made by one of leaders of the integrated opposition Arseny Yatsenyuk, reports  «Censor. Is NOT PRESENT»  with reference to a TV channel «plotRada».

- Nikolaev area one of the most criminogenic. The governor Kruglov covers bandits. Chief of militia too. And the prosecutor's office and SBU are part of these bandits.Minister Zakharchenko your protege and president Yanukovych. The minister in parliament! - the politician addressed from a parliamentary tribune. 

- Why the militia beats people and covers those who beats journalists? Why the militia began to force Ukrainians? - Yatsenyuk declared, demanding the report of the Minister of Internal Affairs in parliament.

We will note that Kruglov so didn't comment on a situation in Vradiyevke. 

We will add that after events in Chausovo-2 in Nikolaev passed the meeting which participants declared that "hands of the governor Kruglov in blood". 

We will remind, earlier it was reported that after night events the Interior Minister discharged of a position of the chief militiaman of Nikolayevshchina Parsenyuk. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the night of July 2 people carried regional department in Vradiyevke also dispersed, and «Golden eagle» I appeared in time already on the empty square. Also we will remind that Vradiyevki's inhabitants went war to militia - demolished regional department gate, broke in the building of a window and the official cars which were standing nearby. Thus in regional management of militia declared that the vast majority of people under regional department were drunk.

We will note, in Vradiyevke around 5:30 were accepted to bring an order after night incidents. 

It is known that in the night of June 27 near Vradiyevk's settlement of the Nikolaev area as the shop assistant of local shop Irina declared, two militiamen and her taxi driver cruelly beat and raped, previously having taken out by car from the settlement to a forest belt. Two, the taxi driver and the officer of militia Dmitry Polishchuk, the nephew of the prosecutor of the Factory district of Nikolaev, was detained by prosecutor's office– the court placed them in a temporary detention center. 

The third, the employee of Vradiyevsky regional department of militia Evgeny Dryzhak as assure of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area, has an alibi–it allegedly was on duty in office and didn't leave anywhere that confirms record of the video recorder. Thus, in prosecutor's office noted that examination regarding intervention and video installation yet didn't do. 

The victim claims that this alibi of the police officer–100% the linden as it it also forced the first, and dabs taken from it for examination, is sure the girl, will prove his participation in commission of crime.

Earlier it was reported, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Gennady Moskal addressed to GPU management with the requirement to send to the Nikolaev area crew from skilled investigators for full check of activity of militia and the help in disclosure of crimes. Thus he stated confidence that after rape in Vradiyevke the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has to dismiss the chief of the Nikolaev militia Parsenyuk and the governor of Nikolayevshchina Nikolay Kruglov.

Роман Свиридов

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