The inhabitant of the Nikolaev area cut own grandmother from - for New Year's transfer

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In the life I celebrated the last New year 80 - the summer inhabitant of the May Day area, without suspecting that life it will be deprived by the native grandson.

27- summer Alexander lived the last 8 years with the grandmother in one house, after all except the sister and the grandmother from native at it was nobody. Parents died still in the nineties. On December 31 the grandmother made a dinner, and together with the grandson they met New year. Alexander came to a kitchen garden and started starting the fireworks presented by the sister then went "посевать" neighbors. In an hour after a meeting of New year the guy came back home, and they together with the grandmother started watching TV.

The grandmother very much liked the festive program on one of television channels, but it seemed to the grandson that on other TV channel the festive program is much more interesting therefore it switched the TV to other canal. The grandmother didn't agree with a choice of the grandson and wasn't too lazy to switch the TV to the previous program.

The grandson didn't begin to argue with the grandmother - he silently left the room, found in an outer entrance hall an axe and, having returned to the room, without excess conversations cut the old woman. The death came instantly. Alexander struck 4 blows with an axe to the head of the grandmother then left the house. Neighbors who came "посевать", saw open doors of the house and the killed neigbour lying in the middle of the room.

At this time near an event place the relatives had Ekaterina Vakhnenko, the quick employee of May Day city department. Neighbors of the lost reported to the militiaman about the committed crime. Ekaterina arrived at once to a place of an event and caused is investigative - task force of regional department. During survey of the adjacent territory on snow experts found traces of men's shoes which conducted from the placement and on a kitchen garden. Other traces, except neighbour's, there weren't. Who possesses traces, was established at once, after all except the grandson in the house was nobody. Guards needed to establish only location of the murderer, but after commission of crime more nobody saw it. Sudden absence of the grandson once again confirmed the version about his direct participation in a crime.

Guards got off from feet in search of Alexander, but he practically dropped out of sight, even in adjacent settlements nobody saw it.

Then militiamen appealed to the population of the area to help to define location of the criminal, in each village Alexander's photo was placed. In two weeks in regional department by phone the anonymous message that the criminal disappears on a city dump arrived. In a few minutes after the message Alexander was detained. At present it is in a temporary detention center and gives to investigators confession, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.


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