Since the beginning of year the Nikolaev GAI officers elicited 17 facts of transportation of narcotic raw materials and 13 facts of illegal transportation of the weapon

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For anybody not a secret that alcohol emboldens to malefactors, and in a state of intoxication they with ease commit various crimes. Only having sobered up already start fussing, something to undertake not to get "on eyes" to police officers.

It also happened to young people, 1980 and 1986, inhabitants of the regional center which having fairly drunk, on January 13 made theft from a trade booth on one of streets of the Factory area at night. In the morning next day the woman - the seller, having come to work, having seen that the booth was visited by uninvited guests right there asked for the help in militia. In some hours the dress of a platoon of traffic police on ensuring maintenance of UGAI in the Nikolaev area, near Lenin Ave. and Faleevskaya St. intersection, for violations of the rules of journey of intersections stopped the Hyunday car (taxi) in which except the driver, there were two young guys. At verification of documents at the driver, passengers behaved suspiciously, were nervous. In turn, the staff of GAI asked to open a car luggage carrier for survey. In a luggage carrier tobacco products in assortment for the sum of 3000 UAH were found. chocolate bars and coffee packs, besides, in the car there was a hammer, flat-nose pliers, a metal corner of 30 cm and 2 nippers. On a question, from where everything, nobody could give a definite answer. Therefore the driver, passengers and the car with goods were delivered in the Central regional department of militia for clarification of circumstances. As it became clear later, these guys and robbed a tobacco booth and since the morning having called a taxi started going around the city in hope to realize the illegal production. About it reports sector of public relations of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nikolaev to area.

On the same day in the evening the staff of GAI received orientation upon a robbery of the mobile phone at the teenager around the Subway supermarket. At once the inspector of GAI without wasting time, started fulfilling the area. After a while, on the bridge through river.Ingul, militiamen noticed the guy similar on signs on searched which, having seen the patrol car, started running. In only a few seconds of the inspector of traffic police detained 26 - the summer guy, the inhabitant of Nikolaev at whom phone of the child was found. For further trial the criminal was delivered in militia regional department.

And it not isolated cases of disclosure of crimes employees of the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area.

Only since the beginning of year the staff of GAI elicited 17 facts of transportation of narcotic raw materials, 13 facts of illegal transportation of the weapon. 6 drivers who operated the car according to counterfeit documents and 2 vehicles which numbers of units had fake traces are revealed.


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