How not to fall a victim of a crime?

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Criminological researches show that from all set of the crimes connected with application of violence, the most frequent were street crimes. Unlit streets, parks, squares, gates, entrances, elevators, cellars - here the main places of criminal encroachments such. Young people aged till 26 years, setting before themselves the purpose not so much obtaining any benefits and advantages from commission of crime appear malefactors, as a rule, how many thus to ego-trip.

In general violence as end in itself as means of self-affirmation as motive of a crime met much more often on streets, than in a life. But we won't forget and about the elements of violence inherent in such mercenary acts as robberies and robberies. The street is the place connected with a drug trafficking, with prostitution, alcoholism, anonymity of communication, nervousness and the increased irascibility of people around; place which is potentially hostile to the person with his gas contamination, saturation transport and kriminalizirovannost. Owing to what infringement of property with violence application on streets can increase, and we have to be always ready to it.

The sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of internal affairs recommends:

• Not to appear on the street with the large sum of money without reliable protection.
• Whenever possible, try not to go outside in a state of intoxication.
• In the evening in public transport try not to draw special attention neither to itself, nor to the baggage.
• Coming back home late at night, be extremely attentive. You don't hurry to depart from a stop. At first look round. Try to walk only the shined streets. Avoid desert squares, the yards and don't reduce the route for the sake of saving of time.
• If the company of teenagers going down the street or the lonely subject doesn't inspire special trust, try though part of a way to pass with fellow travelers (or come over to other to side of the road, return back). Excess time spent by you not the biggest payment for personal security.
• If it seemed to you that you pursue, try to change rate of walking or the movement direction, try to come off malefactors, but don't try to disappear at all from them in unlit lanes or others entrances. It is dangerous! If your fears were confirmed, run to people and don't hesitate to call to the aid.
• If after you the stranger comes into an entrance and remains on a platform waiting for the elevator, you don't hurry to enter with it the elevator. It is better to walk upstairs on foot or to call the elevator again.
If despite all taken precautionary measures the criminal всёже attacked you:
• As it is possible call to the aid more loudly. Best of all, according to experts to shout "the Fire! " This exclamation as a magnet draws attention of people around. Thus try that your shout was sudden and unexpected for the malefactor. It will give you excess some seconds of won time and, probably, advantage in actions over the discouraged criminal. If in this situation you decided to run, do it as soon as possible.
• Really estimate your forces and opportunities. If it is obviously not enough of them, it is expedient to refuse active resistance not to cause bigger exasperation from the forward. In case of application by the criminal of firearms - without reflecting, fulfill any requirements of the offender, your life and safety is more expensive.

Regardless of results of collision with the malefactor, try to remember appearance of the criminal attacking you, the direction in which it I disappeared and at once report in militia the matter.
You remember: many crimes can be successfully solved "without delay", and not message of militia on the incident conducts to encouragement of the criminal to create and further angrily, remaining unpunished.
Separate recommendations for...


• Be afraid of acquaintances to women of easy virtue. According to selective data in three of four cases prostitution is connected with thefts, currency transactions, illegal drug trafficking, hooliganism, infection with venereal diseases, etc.It is quite possible that anticipated communication with "woman of easy virtue" will end is rather deplorable, and such nonconventional places of meetings as saunas, hotel rooms and other rooms can appear a trap.


• You don't carry expensive things and jewelry if you come back home in the evening one. Otherwise try that they weren't evident and didn't draw attention of the malefactor.
• Try that in the evening you were taken home by the person whom you well know.
• At any time you don't come into the elevator with the unfamiliar man.
• Don't let out children on the street with expensive things and values (players, gold jewelry, mobile phones can appear too attractive object of criminal encroachment). If you found out that your child is afraid to leave the house or skips classes at school, try to find out in confidential conversation from it, whether such behavior is connected with threats in its address. Explain to him that negative consequences can be avoided if without sticking to secrets from parents. Teach children to lock correctly an apartment door outside and from within, and also teach them to carry keys and pocket money correctly. Inspire in them that anybody and never can come to the house from your name with a request to give any thing, money and so forth the Child never has to open a door to unfamiliar persons. Explain also where he should run in case of danger, to whom and how to ask for the help.
People of advanced age:
• When obtaining the large sum of money, track, whether watch you. Purse with money hide in inside pockets of clothes. Be careful in case of the address to you unfamiliar people on the street. Don't come back home late from friends or relatives. In the presence of opportunity - better remain with them to spend the night. Approaching to the house late evening, you keep keys in readiness. It to you will help to open quickly a door and to make the way to the apartment in case of attack threat, or to use the same keys as the self-defense tool.

If you are sure that is able to cope with the malefactor - exercise the right for necessary defense. According to Art. 36 of the Criminal code of Ukraine "Everyone has the right for necessary defense irrespective of opportunity to avoid socially dangerous encroachment or to ask for the help other persons or authorities".Necessary defenseactions, perfect for protection of the rights protected by the law and interests of the being protected person, or other person, and also interests of society or the state from socially dangerous encroachment by causing encroaching, the harm necessary and sufficient in this situation for immediate prevention or suppression of encroachment if thus it wasn't allowed excess of limits of necessary defense admit. Isn't excess of limits of necessary defense and the use of weapons or any other means or subjects for protection against attack of the armed person or attack of a group of persons, the prevention of illegal violent penetration into the dwelling or other room, irrespective of weight of harm done to the encroaching doesn't involve criminal liability. Responsibility for the harm done at excess of limits of necessary defense, comes only for murder and when drawing to the criminal of heavy injuries (the Art. Art. 118, 124 Criminal codes of Ukraine). In principle in most cases even attempt to show active resistance sharply reduces desire of the criminal to continue attack.


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