Nearly 4 months were required to the Nikolaev right keepers to expose the drunkard-korovokrada

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In September in Nikolaev there was the incident impressing with the nonsense. 24- the summer young man, being in a state of intoxication, I decided to steal a cow from the inhabitant of Nikolaev living on Kakhovskaya St. At night the malefactor got into a shed and brought an animal. Poor cow the guy at once sold to the purchaser of meat living nearby, having thus sold too cheap - the criminal gained only 1500 UAH while real cost made 4000 UAH for an animal. However it it seemed to the malefactor a little - having decided that is more useless to leave to the owner also a bull-calf, it returned on a crime scene behind it.

However on a way to one more theft of the criminal I overcame a dream - the drunk alcohol affected. Having decided to have a rest a little, the young man lay down directly in a shed and strong fell asleep. He woke up only in the morning when 49 - the summer owner came to feed cattle. Having seen instead of the cow of the guy who hasn't sobered up yet, the owner suspected him of theft. However the thief tried to get out - he so plaintively told the owner that in a shed it appeared in search of a lodging for the night and is absolutely not privy to disappearance of a cow that the man believed.

And here militiamen didn't believe, reports Sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of internal affairs. Nearly 4 months militiamen investigated disappearance of an unfortunate cow and here, at the beginning of new year, on January 13 established connection between a cow and the fan of alcohol and spending the night in a shed.

At present concerning the thief criminal case is brought. The consequence proceeds.


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