In the Nikolaev area the nephew beat to death the 95 - the summer aunt and tried to hide it

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Recently even more often it is possible to hear about cruelty among close relatives. Sometimes this cruelty oversteps all admissible limits …

The death 95 - the summer woman, the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area, raised some doubts at guards. And, unfortunately, suspicions of militiamen were confirmed. Despite of the old age, the grandmother died a violent death - the forensic medical examination revealed internal damages and fractures of edges at the old woman.

As it became clear, 60 - the summer nephew of the woman Ivan who lived together with the aunt, I didn't think that guards will become interested in a cause of death of the old woman. After it beat the old woman, she was still live. Understanding that long the woman won't stretch, "nephew" started preparing for her burial strenuously.

When the woman died, at Ivan everything was ready for a funeral, even a coffin already brought. But it didn't manage sweep up traces of crime. During corpse survey employees of militia of traces of violence on a body didn't reveal, except for one bruise which became the reason of the direction of a body on SME.

After examination of doubts in violent death of the grandmother at militiamen didn't remain, and her nephew appeared the only suspect of infliction of bodily injury.

Ivan at once detained. On interrogation the guy confessed that beat the aunt, but the guilt in her death didn't admit. With a clever look it convinced police officers that the broken ribs are not its work therefore the end will be put in this case already by court. At present concerning the detainee criminal case on signs of Art. 121 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine is brought.


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