Yesterday in YEAH discussed replaceable therapy

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On January 22 at 14.00 in Regional public administration the round table on the subject "Problems of Implementation of Replaceable Supporting Therapy for Consumers of Injecting Drugs in Area and a Way of Their Decision" took place.

Alcohol, drugs and the problems connected with their use, were and remain hot topics both for the Nikolaev area, and for all Ukrainian society as alcoholic and narcotic problems have real impact on life of citizens of Ukraine.

According to Ministry of Health of Ukraine for 2007 number of drug addicts who were on the dispensary account, I made 82 111 people from whom every third - the woman, 32 300 more people were on the preventive narcological account. Thus, on the narcological accounting of everything there were 114 411 people with narcotic problems. Number of registered persons with drug addiction at Ukraine for years of independence since 1990 I grew more than by 3,6 times (with 22 466 in 1990 to 82 111 in 2007).

In the Nikolaev area on the dispensary account there are 13 028 narcological patients, including 2 524 - addicts. Every sixth narcological patient - the woman. Annually the total of narcological patients increases by 300-400 people

Most of all narcological diseases it is registered across Nikolaev - 5 225 people, to Pervomaisk - 977 people, to Voznesensky to the area - 734 people, to the Snigirevsky area - 533 people, to the Nikolaev area - 500 people, to Oktyabrsky district - 485 people. In these regions nearly 85% of all narcological patients in area are registered.

It should be noted that the Nikolaev area on prevalence of drug addiction is on the 8th place among all areas of Ukraine (after Kiev, the Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kirovograd areas, Sevastopol and the Kherson area). Level of a regional indicator of prevalence of drug addiction exceeds indicator level across Ukraine for 18,6%.

Thus the epidsituation on drug addiction, despite of decrease in prevalence of a disease in 2008, remains intense, and its improvement demands joint efforts of executive authorities, law enforcement agencies, healthcare institutions, other interested services and departments, and also public organizations.

The situation and that from among the narcological contingent the number of patients with tuberculosis annually increases, HIV - an infection and AIDS becomes complicated. Nearly a half of all injection addicts who are on the account, HIV - infektsirovanny are.

According to Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area for 2008 661 crimes connected with drugs, from them 128 - sale of drugs, 31 - narcobrothels, 4 - inducement to the use of drugs, 12 - the facts of violation of Art. 321 of UK of Ukraine (the illegal address of drugs) and 3 facts according to Art. 308 of UK of Ukraine (stealing, extortion of drugs, etc.) are revealed.

Replaceable supporting therapy is a method of treatment of patients with a syndrome of dependence on opioid. The long researches conducted in the USA, to Western Europe and Australia, confirmed that replaceable supporting therapy is the most effective method in a complex of treatment and rehabilitation of patients by opioid dependence.

The purpose of replaceable supporting therapy:
- reduction of the use of illegal opioid thanks to the prevention of development of a syndrome of cancellation of opioid;
- stabilization and improvement of a psychosomatic condition of patients;
- decrease in criminal activity among consumers of injecting drugs;
- decrease in the risky behavior connected with distribution of HIV - an infection, hepatitises B and C among consumers of injecting drugs;
- involvement of consumers of injecting drugs to cooperation with social services and creation of conditions for social rehabilitation of patients in society;
- creation of conditions for effective treatment of AIDS, tuberculosis and accompanying diseases (sepsis, purulent infections, hepatitises B and C, trophic ulcers, phlebitis) among consumers of injecting drugs;
- creation of conditions for qualitative medical care of pregnant women who use drugs.

The program of replaceable supporting therapy with use of Ednok medicine is introduced in a regional narcological clinic in 01.11.2005.In total 51 people participate in the program

The program with Metadol medicine use in healthcare institutions of area is introduced since August 20, 2008 and by a state for January 20, 2009 treatment is captured:
- regional narcological clinic - 132 people (the plan - 210 people):
- regional antitubercular clinic - 33 people (the plan - 20 people);
- SMCh of-2 g of Yuzhnoukrainsk - 16 people (the plan - 50 people);
- The Nikolaev TsRB - 97 people (the plan - 100 people);
- October TsRB - 30 people (the plan of 60 people);
- in total on area - 308 people (70% of a plan target).

Introduction of replaceable supporting therapy by a metadale in addition in Pervomaisk an interdistrict narcological clinic, Voznesenskaya, the New Odessa, Snigirevsky and Kazankovsky central regional hospitals is also provided.


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