Without having sustained continuous mockeries, the woman killed the husband after 8 years of joint life

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The history with the bloody final began 9 years ago when 30 - summer Irina connected the life with Ivan who at that time returned from imprisonment places. The family lived in the Domanyovsky region of the Nikolaev area.

At the beginning of the family relations Irina was delighted with the husband who, despite difficulties, found to itself work and brought money home, validly treated her and children. Irina with two daughters felt the completely happy. But the happiness it lasted not for long. After a year of "paradise" life day which changed a lot of things in life of the woman came. There was a Birthday of Ivan this afternoon. That day "напраздновались" all invited guests, and most of all - the birthday man who after the drunk alcohol started sorting out the relations with the wife.

It was the first such conflict in a family, but after it Ivan started drinking vodka every day. Along with it the head of the family had one more "an interesting hobby" - hemp and poppy. Connecting vodka to drugs, Ivan found to himself one more "joy" - fights with the wife. Over time this "hobby" started taking all main time of his life. The man already dared to cook together with "friends" a narcotic potion directly at home then started beating except the wife also children.

So 8 years proceeded. With the former happiness didn't remain more than anything. On January 18 Irina arrived with Ivan to the settlement Elanets to settle questions in passport service of militia. To regional department decided to go in the morning, and on a lodging for the night remained in the acquaintance who lived nearby. The meeting of old friends was accompanied by memories of the past, conversations on political situation in the country and, of course, drinking of alcoholic drinks. But also a holiday the Epiphany - too a reason for binge.

One and a half liters of vodka the next time pushed Ivan on dismantlings with the wife, and it started getting Irina claims. Irina, having been ashamed to quarrel at owners, I left. On the neighboring street there lived her girlfriend, here the woman and decided to go to it while the husband won't sober up. Having met the girlfriend, Irina didn't guess at all that Ivan all road followed it.

Having caught up with the wife, Ivan tried to hit her, but … in reply Irina hit him with a knife. Being in a state of shock, the woman at first tried to help the husband, but, having understood that that died, wandered aimlessly. Militiamen who arrived to a scene, established at once a picture of incident and already in a day detained Irina, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

All the time after commission of crime the woman was at the acquaintance in other village. Now it is in a temporary detention center and doesn't repent of deeds. As a rule, in such stories children most of all suffer, after all Irina and Ivan's two minor children practically remained orphans though it isn't known, whether there was it the best to live with such father.


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