Wild customs: in Sumy to the aged Arab of "young children" delivered their girlfriends and native

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What forces absolutely still young, unfledged girls to leave the innocence? Curiosity? Desire to feel adults? Opportunity to earn? Or something another? The answer to this question is looked for now by the Sumy militiamen, being engaged in investigation of sexual adventures 50 - the summer Arab businessman.

Having appeared in the city about five years ago, it together with 28 - the summer cousin (graduated SUMGU majoring in "the family doctor") began to develop strenuously here the business - and diversely, basic of which there was a tourist activity (though, according to brothers, in the homeland they were engaged generally in gold and brilliants, and this business didn't prevent the senior to work as the prosecutor (!)). Fancifully decorated signs with a company name (chosen in honor of the famous resort) appeared over several buildings in the center. However known in the city "east millionaire" became not only thanks to business - many fans of walks on Cathedral paid attention to the sparkling white GMC pickup which is driving about on this pedestrian street or standing on it.

But not all witnesses of these automobile walks on Cathedral were indignant with such violation of traffic regulations - for many young a sumchanok the big white car was a sign of welfare of his owner who obviously didn't avoid female society. About generosity of the Arab businessman concerning women legends went - and, at least, some of them were quite justified: it it is easy and in a set I gave expensive gifts, including gold, mobile phones, and even trips on resorts as "escort". Therefore no wonder, though it is very regrettable that many finders of entertainments and easy money simply - curled round the kind Arab uncle, turned about his car, trying to be pleasant to him, and jumped into the pickup literally after one nod in their party.More than once noticed walking and girls in a state of intoxication at "GMC" wheel on the same pedestrian street, and payment of their "services" by account replenishment cards, and other "instructive" shows. But it didn't change the main point - as it appeared, in Sumy many very young girls sought "to earn additionally" on the bed front.

And when they "became boring" and didn't interest any more the exacting lover, there was one more option - to receive money or a gift, persuading to satisfy the Arab businessman of acquaintances and girlfriends. Already now the Sumy militiamen established cases when to the rich and generous foreigner for a certain payment the sister brought the sister into a bed, and mother - the daughter.

The first that was evident them when carrying out a search in his Sumy house, - the parquet spoiled by female heels in the hall. They say that recently he started forcing all girls to remove footwear already at a threshold.

However, the capacity of love and payment of "services" a sumchanok a crime aren't - eventually, all these "actions" happened by agreement, girls besieged "sponsor". The deputy chief of department of fight against the crimes connected with human trafficking, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Sumy area PAVEL KARABUTA tells:

- Many from interrogated almost with bragging told that they managed to find in the city of the old man whom they "got in on a bubble scheme". Not once of the girl consciously overestimated the age, expecting to receive money and expensive gifts. Practically all little girls have incomplete families, mothers after divorce bring up daughters alone. Two girls in general live with grandmothers, and mothers earn a living in Italy. I won't tell that little girls from dysfunctional families, no, they simply grow without fathers. And earned in such a way spent generally for clothes and cosmetics.

The businessman spoiled by attention of very young girls everything became more selective, now it virgins - and as it is possible more young interested first of all. And it already falls under article of the Criminal code even if isn't violence. Especially as the pereborchivy lady's man reached girls of 12-13 years who simply didn't know, on what went... The annoying and vile in this history - them were brought by girlfriends who have already passed through its bed of the same age. As established a consequence, some victims of the aged pedophile - on conscience 14 - the summer schoolgirl of one of the Sumy schools and her girlfriend.

One of injured girls - 13 - the summer schoolmate "bandit ruffs". Having "incidentally" shown it the rich foreigner, the girlfriend month persuaded the girl to oversleep with it. Arguments it seems "to you poorly" were used or "very badly to be such hammered". Through any time of the girlfriend persuaded "goods", during one of walks took a taxi and four together - together with them there was one more familiar girl - went to visit to the foreigner. After return from there the girl didn't talk almost to mother, didn't answer questions, all the time cried at itself in the room.

About occurring in the house of the foreigner while her girlfriends quietly expected the payment in the neighboring room, she told only once - in militia: "It approached to me, took by hand and led in a bedroom. In a bedroom I began to kiss me, gradually undressing. Then I began to undress. I didn't react in any way because was in strong shock and didn't understand that will be farther. When he put me on a bed, I for fear closed eyes... Then to me it became very sick, and I lay all the time blindly. I don't remember, how many passed time, probably, minutes fifteen. When everything ended, he ordered to put on to me. I put on, we left to the room. After that he put to me something in hands, I at all didn't understand that it is money. Already when we came back home, girlfriends asked - how many it gave you? I unclenched a fist - there were 250 hryvnias... "

Mother of the girl simply doesn't know that now to do to it with the child how to return the girl who is in the power of constant fear before adults, to normal life:

- I don't know how she will live further, - after all she still absolutely little girl. I want to look simply in eyes to that shameless person and to ask him one question: and what to it would make there, on its homeland, under their laws if it so arrived? I know, it too has children - that he would feel if to his child there was a such? After all for my daughter it at all the man - it for it already fifty-year-old grandfather. I don't know how she will be able to live with it further... It arrived to others country and behaves in it as in a brothel - considers that for money it is possible to buy all. And my girl, absolutely still the child who at all didn't understand that with her will be, now lost faith in adults and, it seems to me, simply sometimes doesn't want to live...

The girl still stays in a state of shock - though passed already half a year.It isn't known, whether she will be able sometime to forget this first sexual experience as it will affect its destiny... And after all it such not one.

- For today we established 7 cases of depravity juvenile, - Pyotr Karabuta speaks, - but we are sure that it is not all victims. Usual reaction of children after the such - to become silent and to tell nothing to anybody. We face this problem and during our conversations - in an office at investigators of the little girl cry and want to speak nothing. Therefore we ask for the help all inhabitants of Sumy - if you or your children suffered from sexual harassment of the foreigner - surely come or to us, to militia, or to area prosecutor's office.

Today in area the commission from police officers, prosecutor's offices, SBU and tax police which will be engaged in more careful check of activity of the Arab businessman in Ukraine is created. However and

more than it is enough established facts to draw certain conclusions. The deputy prosecutor of the LISHCHISHIN PYOTR Sumy area tells:

- The actions this person committed a crime not only against specific children, but also against Ukraine. He forgot - that is authorized in its country, in our state is a crime. Certainly, he and now expects to remain unpunished, considers that if paid children money - means, it any more a crime. And after all some of its victims, according to the expert opinion, not only didn't reach age of a sexual maturity at the time of a defloration, but also today aren't polovozrely. Now in prosecutor's office there are three statements from parents that their juvenile children were corrupted by the foreigner. By check it is established that he searched in the regional center of girls age of 12-13 years which were untouched, for the sexual satisfaction.

On this fact concerning the Arab businessman criminal case according to Art. 156 of UK of Ukraine which provides arrest or imprisonment for a period of up to three years is brought. The suspect is on recognizance not to leave, the course of a pretrial investigation is controlled by area prosecutor's office. During a search in the house found a large sum of money and the whole package of gold jewelry.

Well, meanwhile it is a question not of violence or human trafficking, and the businessman is "shone" for his sexual preferences only by responsibility for depravity of the juvenile.And it isn't so great - irrespective of the fact how too early intimacy will affect life of girls. Also it isn't known, whether guilt of "east millionaire" will be proved in court - even if not to take its material resources into account, girls can not have enough sincere forces to sound the indications in court. Therefore in this history to put an end early though to continue in the same spirit the suspect hardly will dare.

Is at an event and other aspects. In - the first, too publication of features of its "entertainments" synchronized the end of restoration of the historical building in the downtown, rented by its firm, and full renewal of business addressed to his partner. Hearings go even that he just and prompted to militiamen some interesting facts...

In - the second, the nationality of the suspect though it also doesn't influence an event essence, can become the basis for new incidents on the racial soil. And will suffer in them as it usually happens, not so wealthy perverts, and law-abiding poor students, whose appearance has national similarity to "the Sumy sheikh".

And the third - the most important. 14-and 15 - summer "suppliers of virgins", trading in themselves and the crippled destinies of the schoolmates and acquaintances to earn additionally, won't bear responsibility for it. They will tell further to the "killed" girlfriends how "coolly" to be on sale to the rich uncle to buy lipstick or браслетик. Also will make the same prostitutes, as, yet one normally well-mannered schoolgirl...


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