Kendzyor and With firmness claim that Chornovil finished brass knuckles

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People's Deputies from "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction Yaroslav KENDZYOR and Ivan STOYKO claim that have at the order data from witnesses that Vyacheslav Chornovil and his driver Evgeny Pavlov after collision with truck were live, but they were "finished" by the unknown person brass knuckles.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, today they declared it on a press - conferences in the UNIAN.

"The most terrible that the driver and sir Chornovil at the time of collision remained live and them finished", - I told I.STOYKO.

In turn Ya.KENDZYoR noted that forensic scientists recorded that fact that on a skull and V. Chornovila, and E. Pavlova there are "linear four blows which could be put from the outside, in particular with brass knuckles". As noted Ya.KENDZYoR, it is established that on March 25, 1999 in the Kirovograd area for V. Chornovil secret supervision which one of the high-ranking officials of Ministry of Internal Affairs GAI Department of Ukraine directed was conducted.

Besides, People's Deputies declared that have at the order of the conclusion both Polish, and the Lvov experts who specify that safety cushions with which Toyota a Corolla" V. Chornovila was equipped ", didn't work from - for food shutdowns that was made in advance.

Besides, "experts accurately told that at the time of collision the speed of the car didn't exceed a plus-minus of 50-55 km/h", the deputy told. For this reason as noted Ya.KENDZYoR, "if worked safety cushions, V. Chornovil and his driver would remain live with small injuries". On belief of the People's Deputies, the received information based on indications of individuals which are now ready to give to a consequence evidences, but are afraid, specifies that "V. Chornovil's murder was planned".

At the same time People's Deputies are convinced that those, "who ordered murder, they needed to be convinced for 100% of it" for this reason drawing blows of V. Chornovilu and to his driver from the outside was "a peculiar shot in the head".

Proceeding from stated, People's Deputies urge the President of Ukraine to take a legal investigation of death of V. Chornovil in this connection they sent yesterday to Victor YUSHCHENKO the corresponding letter under personal control. Parliamentarians explained this step to that they are afraid, "that these practices which the Prosecutor General's Office has, will be destroyed or where - нибудь will get to".


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