On January 31 in Nikolaev communists carried out protest March "Down with Yushchenko and oligarchs! The worker – worthy life! "

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Despite weather this action was really mass - some hundred people gathered for Sovetskaya St.

With words "Yushchenko - геть! " demonstrators came to Lenin Square located between the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and the regional state administration.

Meeting was opened by the first secretary of the Nikolaev regional committee of KPU, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Matveev V. I. Vsestoronne having characterized crisis situation in which there is today Ukraine because of the "orange" power led by Yushchenko, he called for unity of actions of the left forces and the working people for discharge from the power of a present bankrupt pro-American mode.

Also deputies of city, regional and regional councils, representatives of the veteran organization and youth, the Union of workers, the Union of the Soviet officers, the Union of women of truzhenitsa, workers and businessmen, representatives of the SPU local organization, the Young Guard organization made a speech at meeting, etc.

Meeting came to the end with unanimous adoption of the resolution in which rigid requirements to the central and local authorities, and also a persistent appeal to association of the left forces were sounded.


meeting - a protest of workers of the Nikolaev area
"Down with Yushchenko and oligarchs! The worker - worthy life! "

On January 31 Nikolaev

The antinational reforms which are carried out in Ukraine on recipes of the international criminal syndicates and the USA, imposed to us capitalism in its wildest, brutal forms, led the country to a social disaster, a system political and economic crisis. The liberal model of economic policy based on the cheapest in Europe to labor and absolute power of oligarchs, taken the basic enterprises, natural resources in a separation from Russia with a course on WTO and NATO eurointegration, led to the tragedy.

Seeking to protect and increase greatly excess profits, the mode of nationalists and oligarchs shamelessly shifts all burdens world socially - an economic crisis to the working people, pensioners, the military personnel, youth.

Over all country the enterprises are closed, people throw out on the street, the medical care, education became inaccessible. In recent years the external debt made boards "orange guarantor" 127млрд. dollars.

Having provoked the gas conflict to Russia, the power brought key profitable branches under destruction: metallurgy, chemical industry; isn't able to provide heat in houses. People are expected by hunger and cold. Due to currency and other frauds of National Bank and its curator Yushchenko, the profit of banks only in 2008 made 10 billion dollars, and the debt on a salary of the population exceeds 6 billion UAH. The sum of the capital removed in the offshore reached 500 billion dollars.

In the Nikolaev area the crisis phenomena concerned leading enterprises. From - for not demands of the electric power the power unit on YuU nuclear power plant stands idle, volumes of realization of production are reduced by 40% for GP NPKG YuTZ "Dawn — Mashproyekt", the JSC Yugtsement plant, etc. is stopped. Unemployment rate in Nikolayevshchina one of the highest in the country.

Adventurers of all colors finished GAKH "ChSZ", artificially bankrupt GP "Plant of 61 Communards", try to bring under privatization the Southern turbine plant.

Only in December, 2008 decrease in a salary at workers of transport for 39% (718грн), in construction of 23% (374 UAH), in the industry for 20% (448 UAH) is recorded. In agriculture the salary is 2,2 times lower than in the industry and makes 1191грн. Grain traders, for the corresponding kickback obtained licenses and quotas of grain sale abroad, actually rob bulk of agricultural producers buying up grain for nothing.

Annually the tax pressure upon natural persons grows. On this background of general collapse tariffs for utilities, food, essentials constantly raise.

The president and his toadies on places copy history, do everything that the heroic past of our country, its achievements were blackened. Created by the President and the Institute of national memory financed from the state budget, suggested to rename the Victory Day on May 9 - into Day of the end of war in Europe. The fascism is impudently imposed to society.

The Communist Party, as well as other progressive forces of society, always warned and fought against such course of a ruling mode, raised a question of resignation of the president and replacement of all ruling rotted-through clique. The power, not the capable will take care of the labor majority, the people, has to leave.

We, participants of meeting, resolutely demand:

1. Yushchenko's immediate resignation as main responsible for a social political and economic crisis.For a crime before the people of Ukraine - under court! In case of refusal from voluntary retirement, BP has to liquidate a post of the president as main destabilizer of society.
2. To the Prosecutor General's Office to bring criminal case against the management of National bank and their "helpers" for currency, bank frauds squandering of 11 billion dollars of currency reserves. To select licenses at banks violating the law.
3. To declare the moratorium on a rise in prices and tariffs for transport services, medicines, to liquidate intermediaries in all spheres of providing the population gas, the electric power, water, heat and other types of service.
4. To put an end of privatization of the basic enterprises of a sudomashinostroyeniye, power industry, transport. To nationalize, return to state ownership of the enterprise of leading branches, to transfer them to hands to labor collectives. To suspend procedure of privatization of the International airport Nikolaev before completion of crisis in Ukraine.
5. To take immediate measures for office of policy from economy, categorically, legislatively to forbid deputies, state officials to have corporate property of factory, plants, steamships, TV channels and other.
6. To reduce number of officials by 50%. Administrations of the region, to the management of the Nikolaev city council to provide situation monitoring at the enterprises of an economic complex. To replace system of negative management of the municipal enterprises of area.
7. To stop thoughtless retraction of Ukraine in NATO, OUN rehabilitation - unitary enterprise, demolition of monuments of the Soviet era, renaming of streets, squares, parks of settlements. To reconsider conditions of occurrence into the WTO.
8. To establish good-neighbourhood, mutually advantageous relationship with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. the former Soviet republics.
9. To forbid shutdown of the Russian channels on television.
10. We call all workers: to support our requirements the resolute actions. I came it is time to understand that fight against crisis is a fight against oligarchs and the Mode serving to their excess profit!
11. Associations of all left forces in fight against an antinational mode of Yushchenko and oligarchs!

PHOTO: press - KPU

Nikolaev regional organization service

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