In Nikolayevshchina as a result of complex working off it is withdrawn from a turn of narcotic substances for the sum of 300 thousand UAH

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After the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko visited Kharkov where dismissed the management of regional UBNON, the Nikolaev fighters with a drug trafficking very much became more active.

In 5 days by law enforcement officers it is withdrawn large consignments of drugs.

So, on June 12, the staff of criminal investigation department, in Novomaryevk's village, in jobless P.'s yard, 1968 year of birth was revealed 8 kilograms of marihuana.

Next day, in the village Ostentatious, in jobless B.'s house, 1976 500 grams of marihuana were revealed.

On June 13 employees of OBNON of Factory RO NSU carried out expeditious purchase of 6 grams of marihuana at S.'s citizen, 1978 at which at the subsequent search 700 grams of the same narcotic substance were revealed.

In the same day employees of OBNON of Lenin RO NSU carried out expeditious purchase of 5 grams of marihuana at V.'s citizen, 1981 (the son of the known head of public organization) at which at the subsequent search 370 grams of marihuana were revealed.

Except marihuana in the Nikolaev area very much the poppy straws (one of components of extract of opium) are in demand for addicts. The Nikolaev fighters with drugs started fighting against realization of this "nonsense" quite successfully.

On June 10, in the village Petrovka, the Brotherly area, the Nikolaev area, in jobless Sh.'s yard, 1963 year of birth is revealed and withdrawn 920 bushes of hemp. And in пгт Veselinovo, 222 bushes are withdrawn.

On June 15, near Plyushchivk's village, the Bashtansky area, in the territory of a poppy field which belongs to one of agricultural societies, employees ОБНОНа detained V.'s jobless citizen, 1982 year of birth which stole 7,5 kg from a field. poppy straw.

In the Berezansky area, in Andreevo's village - zoryany, on a personal plot more than 1000 bushes of somnolent poppy were revealed. On this fact criminal case as article 310 UK of Ukraine - "Illegal crops or poppy cultivation" is brought.

In total, during working off by law enforcement officers in the Nikolaev area about 300 thousand UAH (at the prices of the black market) are withdrawn from a turn of narcotic substances for total amount.

It should be noted that fight against a drug trafficking proceeds and, it is possible to assume that soon it will yield positive results.


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