The Nikolaev militia opened double murder 10 - summer prescription

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The Nikolaev guards solved a daring crime of ten-year prescription, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

In 1998 in one of households of the city of Nikolaev troupes of the man and the woman with numerous knife wounds were found. In the apartment there was the disorder, all money and values are stolen. Guards began laborious work on working off of all versions of commission of crime and establishment of the persons involved in it. Long time quickly - search actions didn't yield results. But searches of criminals proceeded.

Commission of double murder in 2001 became time counting to disclosure of murder of spouses. Then the Nikolaev militia on this fact detained the citizen Sokolov who received a capital punishment for commission of this crime - a life imprisonment. During the investigation of this criminal case it was established that Sokolov "moved away" the two accomplices with whom in due time I made assaults and robberies in the territory of the Nikolaev area.

Time went, and the staff of criminal investigation department step by step on remains collected information concerning establishment of persons who cruelly killed spouses, and there were first results. All threads, during the investigation of this criminal case, conducted to one person - to the same Sokolov who served sentence in imprisonment places.

And today the full picture of events of ten-year prescription is established.

Falcons together with two accomplices in the nineties organized criminal group which was engaged in extortion, robberies and robberies. The self-affirmation among "colleagues" on criminals, a Trinity required the weapon. Searches of the dealer by "trunks" I lasted long not, "colleagues" pointed to the man who was engaged in weapon sale. In an arsenal of the dealer there was ten units of firearms of times of World War II. Having invited buyers to the apartment, the dealer didn't guess at all that it is his last transaction. Buyers at first tried to bargain with the owner, but then made the decision not to pay at all. Some blows a knife to the seller put the end to the contract of purchase and sale of nine units of firearms for criminals.

Further customers started "shaking" property of the owner and to look for money and values. At this time on the trouble the wife of the victim came back home. Bandits didn't stand on ceremony with it - the woman was hit blow a knife in a nape. When bloody business was made. Having left behind a disorder, thieves took away from a household of 9 guns, money and values and disappeared from an event place. Corpses of victims found only in three days. Sokolov understood that commission of such crime can has for it unfavourable consequences. Two his accomplices at any time could give evidences against it, after all it killed spouses. Didn't want to sit down at a lattice to it therefore, in his opinion, the best exit from such situation is to do accomplices in. And it happened. In 2001 Sokolov finished with the friends. But it didn't manage to avoid justice then.

Sokolov received the highest measure of punishment - a life imprisonment.

Murder of spouses in 1998 remained unsolved all these years. The only witness of everything that occurred that evening is Sokolov who confessed in murder of spouses and reproduced in details of an event of that evening. Besides, it pointed to a place where there is a stolen weapon - it all this time was dug on a kitchen garden of its personal plot.


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