Police officers tried to withdraw the car which appears in one of criminal cases from R. Goroyan. But it didn't turn out

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Today around 13.00 on crossing of streets of Astronauts and Electronic the staff of GAI stopped the Nisan Kashkay car at which wheel there was Naira Goroyan, the sister of the infamous businessman Raphael Goroyan in Nikolaev. During patrol of streets of the Nikolaev GAI officers the car which passes on orientation on one of criminal cases came into the view. For this reason the car was stopped and employees of search are into place called.

To the correspondent passing by"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"opportunity to observe the events dropped out.

As it was succeeded to understand from everything seen, police officers tried to withdraw the car which passes on one of criminal cases. On which - remained to unknown as, having referred to secrecy of the investigation, militiamen refused to call it. Naira Goroyan refused to give the car to militiamen.

Literally at once to a place of events there arrived also Raphael Vaagnovich together with the lawyer Radika Belova and the representative of one of banks in whom this car allegedly is registered as mortgage property.

Raphael Goroyan and his lawyer appealed to that police officers have no right to withdraw this car.

Referring to "impartiality" of our judicial authority, they showed the decision of the Central district court of the city of Nikolaev in which the following was approved: "Having studied the provided materials of criminal case, the court considers necessary to refuse satisfaction of representation as from explanations of the investigator it is seen that for the purpose of obtaining permission to a search, the investigator actually has intention to withdraw the car as the crime tool".

As we see, it seems, all with the document as it should be, but at the very end of a judgment there is an addition:"The resolution can be appealed in Appellate court Nikolaev within 3 days".

About the satisfied appeal on this judgment it was possible to hear from militiamen.

On which criminal case passes this car, precisely it wasn't succeeded to learn, after all concerning persons from R. Goroyan's immediate environment some criminal cases are brought.

Having arrived to the aid to the sister, R. Goroyan started over again to try to discover intrigues of the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area N. Stoyanov in all events. To prevent "illegal", in his opinion, actions of police officers, he even intended to arrange picket directly on that place where the car of his sister was stopped.

Raphael Vaagnovich's sister, having followed advice of the lawyer, I refused to transfer the car to law enforcement officers about what it was noted in the protocol of the investigator.

Not to heat a situation on Kosmonavtov Street, militiamen suggested to pass Naire Goroyan in an office to the investigator where, in a consequence, Raphael Goroyan together with the lawyer went also. But before R. Goroyan told a lot of the interesting.

It appears, a little more than a week ago Raphael Goroyan in Kiev picketed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine with the requirement to dismiss the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the general - the militia major A. Naumenko. According to the businessman, he communicated with the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Mikhail Klyuev and he promised to help and if isn't able, to organize a meeting personally with Yury Lutsenko.

Literally as soon as R. Goroyan told it, at him phone and, according to his face rang out, it was possible to understand that to him told a joyful message which he hastened to share with people around.

"Naumenko moved away from a position of the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the Nikolaev area. Here you see - to me promised to understand a situation. And in the near future in the Nikolaev area a serious ministerial inspection"will be carried out, - R. Goroyan told.

Someone from an environment of the businessman said:"Raphael Goroyan dealt with Naumenko".

Sources which told to the businessman this joyful message, he didn't begin to open.

And on a question "Who will be, in that case, Anatoly Naumenko's receiver on a post of the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area? " he declared that someone from the Crimea.

Lawyer R.Goroyana Radika Belova, getting into the car, I told:"Whom we will want to appoint, that and appoint".

Possibly, all this was told for fun, but not excluded that soon in local mass media the notes, dispatched a press - service JSC Prometey, with approximately such name will be shown: "Raphael Goroyan dealt with Anatoly Naumenko".

PS:During when this material prepared, it became known that the general - the militia major A. Naumenko really any more the head of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. But Anatoly Naumenko didn't "move away" as R. Goroyan declared, and raised in a position. He is appointed the chief of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Dnepropetrovsk area. Unclear, to that R. Goroyan rejoices, after all the brought criminal cases anywhere won't get to. You shouldn't forget that criminal cases in which the people approached to the businessman appear, are excited not only on materials of police officers. So, investigative management of tax police of GNA in the Nikolaev area brought criminal case concerning the chief accountant of JSC Prometheus Agro upon evasion of taxes for the sum about 2 million UAH. If all exactly as tells the River. Goroyan, and his picket in Kiev affected the decision made by the Ministry, the following the chief of the Public tax administration in the Nikolaev area Leonid Korchagin …has to go for increase


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