Seylemovsky "common fund" again want to divide, Stepa in the big... thoughtfulness

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To avoid Themis's just anger, at the end of 90-x years, during militia cleaning, the most active members of the Crimean organized criminal groups moved in races or, being expressed on - criminal, "rose on skis". The well-known seylemovsky fighter Sergey K. by nickname the Hook was one of such "skiers". He ran on the abroad some years, and then, speak, returned to the Crimea and demanded from friends part of the money put to it "obshchakovskikh". In reply the friends made a helpless gesture: no, say, "common fund" - also I started puzzling over how to get rid of the uninvited guest...

Sergey K. by right can be put in one row with such criminal celebrities, as Funnels, the Giraffe, the Sexton, Cherry... At the time of a gangster lawlessness on the peninsula as reported then TsOS of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Crimea, the Hook also was the active member of an organized criminal group "Salem" (the group totaled 1200 fighters). There began these people with banal racket, but already to the middle 90-x in their hands were both the power, and money. "Salem" those years, having taken active part in destruction of competing groups ("Greeks", to an organized criminal group of Dzyuby), I became the main and only rival of "Boots". (And the rival was worthy: with big communications and serious intellectual potential. ) Seylemovsky bosses took then in hand banking business, the market of real estate and securities. Moreover, members of this organized criminal group tried to make the way to the power by means of the various unions, societies, charity foundations, parties and, certainly, deputy mandates. As already I wrote "1K", according to militia, on elections of 1995 44 participants of criminal groups got to local councils. The lion's share of it "gangster case" in the representative power belonged to "Salem".Then deputy mandates received such celebrated personalities, as Sergey Mishak, Alexander Kalyus, Alexander Kovalenko, Valery and Oleg Lyubichi, Alexander Vishnyakov, Andrey Zabolotny, Sergey Galitsky and, certainly, the hero of our narration. Generally, Sergey K. not bad felt in gangster years.

So proceeded up to 1998. Then the amendment to the law, deprived deputies of local councils and VS of the Crimea of inviolability was adopted. It is known that after that the militia right there began war against bandits. One were killed, others are arrested, and the third managed to disappear. Among run away it appeared and Sergey C. Togda was incriminated to it the whole list of serious crimes, and also communication with the partenitsky bandit Valery Sankov by nickname the Georgian, suspected of the organization of a series of loud custom-made murders. By then the Georgian wasn't alive any more - he died in prison therefore on Sankov hung up almost all Crimean crimes. Under this wave I risked to get and the Hook therefore it in time "rose on skis" then it was put on the state and international wanted list.

First the destiny brought "skier" to Russia, then in Los - Andzheles (by the way, here he obtained nationality of the USA and I replaced a surname). At first he sat quietly, but in recent years was noticed in the Czech Republic, France, Russia, in Ukraine and even to the Crimea. According to some information, he periodically visited our edges. There's nothing to be done - homeland call.

Last time the motherland called the Hook in 2005, than strongly substituted. He was detained in the middle of March, 2006 in Simferopol together with the known bandit by nickname the Kid. To the detainee at that time incriminated weapon storage, extortion and some other criminal actions owing to what he, according to Art. 115 of the Criminal Procedure Code, was placed in a temporary detention center. The prosecutor's office of the Crimea then also reported that the Hook "is accused of the extortion made as a part of an organized criminal group. And judicial authorities choose for it a measure of restraint". It was thought that arrest has to become such measure. However our judicial authorities why - that released the Hook on freedom on recognizance.

Give to poor "skier"

It would seem, return of the Hook to the Crimea was absolutely thoughtless and risky. However by then many charges, and of custom-made murders of large officials were dismissed from a gang of the Georgian - Safontseva, Goldich and others - suspected already absolutely other people.For this reason our hero with absolutely "true" conscience decided to return on the peninsula. Settlement of all troubles with the law was a task number one. It used a delay competently - started "directing movements" round criminal case which on it was started: according to informal sources, the Hook tried to find the people, capable to steal it and to destroy. It estimated the cost of this service at 300 thousand dollars.

Money considerable, and at their Sergey K. was not so much. Speak to earn additionally, it started going round businessmen earlier under control to it on purpose again to take them under "roof", however times there were any more those, and businessmen "weren't conducted on divorce". Then the Hook remembered about an inner sanctum - "common fund". It filled up it in due time and respectively had all rights for a certain share. With this requirement he addressed to the former seylemovets (though being, as we know, doesn't happen). "Former" pretended that agreed, and... started arriving "not on concepts". Having understood that it is necessary to share with the ex-the refugee and the power, both money, and business, they … handed over the Hook to militiamen. Dug out the statement of a certain citizen of M. who else in 90-x accused years Sergey K. of extortion. The last right there arrested, but not here - that was: the citizen of America, having apologized, released.

After all this "being селемякам" it was necessary to puzzle over how to be with a tiresome Hook with which there was no wish to share at all. And then the friends started that is called "throwing a switch" at each other. A certain Arkady P. got into this mutual responsibility by nickname Monya. Main "former" declared that "common fund" is held by it. Monya, in turn, "loaded on bucks" the semi-bandit and the speculator Stepan Ts. at the beginning of gangster times this person worked in militia, then was dismissed and condemned for that at interrogation killed the person. Besides, Stepan several times took on bribes. After a prison term he moved to bandits. I worked under the leadership of Podanev together with Gennady With - ny by nickname Heinrich ("1K" already I told about this person in article about loss of an ancient Torah). By the way, these ex-cops avoided in any way law-enforcement cleaning of the end 90-x, moved in businessmen and even created joint firm for which benefit work side by side and to this day.

Whipping boy

And everything at Stepan would be good, if not Monya. "Senior" began to run and demand the decent sum of money - about 50 thousand dollars of the USA. Stepan Ts.I understood that "seniors" need to obey, and well I realized that can happen to it in case of disobedience, but it had no such money. And then Stepa offered Monet very profitable business - the project. He told seylemovets that in the Crimea there is the big party of cheap gold dust delivered from the Siberian mines. If to redeem this party, it can be resold in Kiev for very big money. This is Monet it was pleasant. He consulted with "former", and those, except a consent, a distance also money for purchase of precious metal.

Expedition was equipped in the few days, the bought gold sent to Kiev accompanied by team from several people under leadership Maunie. Stepan Ts. too left to the capital, but not together with all, and train. He as if felt bad, or perhaps not simply felt … On the way to zolotoperevozchik there was an accident - they died in road accident. The car turned over, and miracle remained Monya is live only. He, however, suffered serious injuries and long was unconscious, however everything managed. When he recovered consciousness, it appeared that where - that disappeared both gold, and money - about 50 thousand dollars. The suspicion at once fell on Stepan Ts.

Speak, now it has big troubles. Monya accused him that it, say, arranged this road accident, and demands to return money. At this time at Stepan not so there is a lot of - the counter is switched on. Ex-the cop runs now on banks in hope to obtain the credit, but, as we know, an economic situation in the country unstable and banks now on the credits greedy. Therefore Stepa in blank despair: The hook demands "common fund" at "former", "former" shake Monya, and Monya smothers all this Stepan Ts. Chem will end, it isn't known. One is clear: Stepa in the big... thoughtfulness.


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