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That soldier who doesn't want to be a general is bad. And, probably, each person carrying shoulder straps where - that at heart cherishes dream - a high position, the big stars burning on shoulders. But in that far 90-е years tell me somebody that will pass less than ten years and I, the deputy chief of city department of militia of Pervomaisk of the Luhansk region, the militia captain Anatoly Naumenko, I will head large divisions of militia and the general - mayorsky shoulder straps on my shoulders will be already passable stage, and will attract ahead the following purposes and dreams, probably, wouldn't believe. But all this was then.

And those November days 1997 I who has been recently translated from the city of Stakhanov to a position of the first deputy the chief of May Day municipal police department of the Luhansk region, the militia captain Anatoly Naumenko, fulfilled duties of the chief of city department. The chief, the militia captain Sergey Nebessky, was at that moment on the sick-list. Works was that is called too much. The situation and in the country, and directly in the region which was served by division headed by me, was in the criminogenic plan very much not stable. Edge miner's, people hot. Staff of city department of militia spent the day and spent the night at work. Difficult it was time.

And here in one of evenings in my office phone call is distributed. Called from the Staff of the Department of Internal Affairs of area: "Tomorrow you need to come to the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs with operating plans of city department. To be ready to report on results of work! ".

I was by then already a field investigator with an experience and possessed necessary intuition in work. It was felt, something occurred. Well, there is no need to the head of department to study the specified documents - it will be necessary, the Staff will study and will report results.Something another roused the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region, the general - the militia major Yury Smirnov (later he became the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) to invite to himself to a meeting of the acting as the chief of city department.

However the order is obtained also I, without understanding until the end of the visit purpose, having got drunk strong coffee, all night long prepared - attentively studied documentation in case of need correctly and accurately to give answers to possible questions of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of area.

The next morning in due time I already came into an office of the general Smirnov. That met, sitting at the desktop. The table devstvenno was pure, without uniform document, in a hand the chief had a cigarette with which it tapped on a table-top. Looking on unnaturally for the police officer devstvenno a pure surface of a table, I remembered that quite often heard about style of work of the general with documents. From the safe the document gets, is studied, the corresponding orders on execution are made, is put again in the safe and only after that the following document gets. And this habit of working off of materials arriving on consideration remained with Yu. Smirnov on work all the time in militia.
Having asked a question on duty: as a situation in the city and having received a definite answer, the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs, having kept silent some seconds, I told: "There is an offer to appoint you the head of department of criminal investigation department of the regional Department of Internal Affairs. Do you agree? ".

In a flash the whole swarm of thoughts was carried by in the head. The high trust is unconditional, rendered, the high position and other answer as "I agree is offered, I will justify your trust", it seems as well as couldn't be.

However, being the realist, I understood - I am yet ready to hold this responsible position of the chief of UUR Department of Internal Affairs of such large area of Ukraine, as Lugansk. And, without paltering, looking directly in eyes to Yury Smirnov, I declared: "Companion general! I consider that to me still rather early to go on such high position. Allow me while to remain on a former place".

As I learned a little later, the chief of UUR Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region of that time Anatoly Timchenko processed documents to transfer to other area. And to it worthy replacement urgently was required. But about it I learned later.

And then, having listened to attentively my refusal, the general called to himself the deputy on Voloshchuk's shots and told: "Here, I suggested to hold such high position - I refused! ". And Yu. Smirnov continued some seconds of silence: "Where we have the biggest shortage of local militia inspectors? "."Zhovtnevy" - answered Voloshchuk (and it is one of the largest and difficult districts of the city of Lugansk). "To appoint the acting as the deputy chief of May Day city department of militia militia captain A.Naumenko … the local police inspector. And let there serves while a sword belt won't erase". And having turned to me, the general told how cut off: "It is free, go work and think how to live further! ".
Such turn of events I simply didn't expect also such result it wasn't necessary to expect. However the choice was made.

Having left an office, Voloshchuk right there went to execute the order of the general - to process necessary for transfer to other position documents. And I that is called on wadded feet, came into an office to the first deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs, then still to the militia colonel, Yury Cherkasov (subsequently that became the general - the militia colonel and Yury Smirnov's first deputy, the Minister of Internal Affairs). He was the curator of my office direction, generally I contacted to it by the nature of the work and we had good labor relations.

Yury Erikovich, having attentively listened to my "sad story", I gave very wise and, probably, only the correct council in that situation: "While leave on hospital, and there it will be visible …". Also I added: "Though I don't understand why you managed to give to the general such answer".

Passed the whole two weeks while I wasn't called by Yury Cherkasov and I didn't tell: "To suffice to be ill, go to work for the place. The general departed …" already a little.

The tension was relieved also I, having calmed down, steeped in work.

During one of special operations headed by me detectives of May Day city department of militia revealed the gangster arsenal belonging to members of one of the most "impudent" organized criminal groups, directed by criminal authority. As a result of successfully carried out combination we withdrew 20 Kalashnikova machine guns, some thousands of cartridges to firearms and even fighting grenades.

After my report on results of the performed operation Cherkasova, that told me to report on weapon withdrawal personally to the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs. In soul, frankly speaking, everything turned over, but the first deputy insisted on the words. Enduring the forthcoming conversation, the first after I refused appointment to the post of the chief of UUR, I for a start committed all event to paper, and then dialed telephone number of the general. Having listened to the accurate report on results of operation, Yury Smirnov suddenly asked: "The captain, and you thought up nothing? "."No, everything was quite so", is a little dumbfounded I then heard in a receiver release beeps answered.

In an hour in city department there was a colonel Yury Cherkasov. From Lugansk to Pervomaisk distance about 80 km, preventions of arrival of the management didn't arrive and emergence before an entrance to division of a white Jeep with militia numbers did an alarm. The withdrawn arms were laid down at me in an office. The room about 20 sq.m in size completely to a ceiling was put by the withdrawn arsenal. Having looked round, the deputy turned to me and, possessing sense of humour, told: "Well, you here armed all" and went to call the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs. Yu. Smirnov, having listened to the report of the first deputy, I asked to transfer phone tube to me. And here I heard from general usually avaricious on praises: "Thanks". Then Smirnov right there hung up …

These words were better than any award are there were also words of recognition of professionalism and the word as though reconciliation.
Daily militia everyday life proceeded. Time validly was hotter, young strong guys, being under the influence of the criminals, carried away by thirst of an easy money, created groups and here really revelry already began." Racket" is the word, forcing to shudder from memoirs the whole generation of citizens of our country, especially those who in this hard time tried to become independent, create own business thanks to the knowledge, experience, ability and work. And in the city of Pervomaisk the gang of so-called "morons" under leadership of certain "Pilyukhi" worked. After the carried-out series of the operational combinations which final there had to be a detention of rather most part of criminal group, people, confidants of criminal authority addressed to me by nickname "Gray-haired" which kept a gang of Pilyukhi under the control. And they came with offers, so to speak, truces. They pay a monthly bribe, and police officers "loyally" treat offenders. Certainly, "agreement" it wasn't reached, and soon after that owing to a number of the carried-out detentions and searches a number of criminals were brought to trial including above-stated Pilyukh it was condemned by 15 years of imprisonment.

In revenge bandits decided on an unprecedented step. There was it about 4 o'clock in the morning on August 24, on the eve of the next anniversary from the date of declaration of independence of Ukraine.I was responsible for city department and, having fulfilled to two o'clock in the morning in an office office, went to check of warehouses in which explosive was stored. I left in a hurry therefore forgot to turn off the light in an office and visibility of my stay on a workplace was created. I came back together with the chief of search Maleev and, approaching to an office building of May Day city department of militia, we heard sounds of automatic shots and falling breaking glass. Igor shouted: "The chief, shoot! " and, having instantly oriented, we dropped out from proceeding to move the car. The following shots already were on the car which, having remained without driver, continued to move and stopped only when drove in a building wall. It was found out later that 28 bullets, almost whole shop from "AKM" were let out.
However this impudent attack of the building of city department didn't achieve the object: to intimidate neither me, nor my field investigators it wasn't possible. And with Maleev we in general very long were connected by labor relations - and in the Department of Internal Affairs of Kherson, and in BNON Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Ukraine. At achievement 40 - summer age Igor retired, but I and am now really glad to each case of communication with the old companion.

Soon after the carried-out special operation I was called back by Cherkasov and transferred command to arrive on reception to the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs. Thus he warned that, probably, the offer to hold a position of the head of department of search again will arrive and advised not to refuse at all. This time in case of the negative answer to the offer there can come the most unpredictable consequences. But my position remained former: "I am not ready". Cherkasov, having mentally waved a hand, I answered, arrive supposedly as you wish, but remember, I won't be able to help you anything any more.

This time on reception at the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs I felt, what yes, some intensity in communication really fell down. Yu. Smirnov, having invited me to sit down for an added little table and, having left from - for the table, I rose opposite and, looking in eyes, unexpectedly I told: "Your help is necessary. You will be able? ". "Any what will tell, companion general! ", rising and having a little been surprised, I answered. "Perhaps the group should be taken in development …" - it was carried by in the head and at the same moment the chief, having called the deputy on Voloshchuk's shots, I told "Here and agreed". It gave the entered deputy command to process my documents to a position of the chief of UUR Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region. And I understood that I agreed to that I will hold the offered position.But the situation was that that other option couldn't be at all. And having left in a reception, I met there Cherkasov who, hiding a smile, I told: "Well, I pledged to the general the word - carry out! "

In operating time in UUR Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region it was planned and performed tens the most risky operations. One of them was remembered especially by the scale and difficulties at its carrying out.

At the end of November the captain Igor Maleev received information deserving attention. The Luhansk region throughout 780 km borders on the Rostov region and rather often it was possible to meet on streets of people with a characteristic Russian patter. But this time "guests" appeared in area not absolutely with the law-abiding purposes - with intention to buy dynamite party. Here, in the mine country, it is used by production of explosions of breed on numerous mines. All perfectly understood that dynamite is necessary obviously not in order that with its help to stun fish or to construct roads in mountains. For certain it will be used for implementation of the criminal purposes. Means it is necessary to perform careful operation during which at one stroke to take both sellers, and buyers of this party of dynamite. By this time field investigators already knew that "buyers" needed not less than 300 kg. dynamite and that the acquired was planned to transport in. Volgodonsk Russian Federation.

Tactics of conducting operation was developed by the first deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region of that time Ivushkin and me.
300 kg. dynamite, it not boxes with petards and at all barrels with gunpowder. At explosion there could be most unpredictable consequences - the destroyed buildings and, respectively, can suffer innocent people. And the place where dynamite "purchase and sale" had to take place, was on the square surrounded with houses. So explosion of such quantity of "goods" couldn't be allowed. Or, at least, to make everything to reduce losses to a minimum.

There was a beginning of December, snow dropped out recently and it helped field investigators. Under the guise of road clearing by the grader a peculiar snow wall which surrounded a place of possible finding of the truck with dynamite was created and in case of explosion the pressed heaps of snow weight could extinguish a blast wave.

The frost on the street was for 20 degrees. Long before the operation beginning in deep snowdrifts near the meeting place the fighters of PMBR "Golden eagle" armed with the automatic weapon lay down.Tension increased every minute …

I together with the chief of investigation Evgeny Kurenny were in the car which was operational staff of performed operation. We very much were nervous - streets are deserted, any movement will be noticeable. And I, and Kurenna well understood: in this case it is possible to expect anything. "Buyers", having scented danger and possibility of failure of this unusual transaction, could blow up easily party of dynamite and carry the truck to pieces. From this explosion could suffer and the employees of militia who are nearby in an ambush, both structures and civil people. Expecting a possible outcome of such events, the operational combination during which was planned to play unusual performance thanks to which subsequently it was succeeded rather accurately and to carry out detention professionally was developed.
About midnight on the square the car "ZIL" which body was covered with an awning approached. And in the body covered by tarpaulin the dynamite checkers some even with inserted into them cap - detonators lay. Sellers of dynamite in a body waited for arrival of "merchants". Soon buyers approached also. The bargaining began usual, more than once seen in adventure movies. Having convinced that in a body really there is a dynamite, buyers showed money. I came as journalists like to be expressed, the truth moment. I.e. it is necessary to take all participants of this criminal transaction "lukewarm".

It would seem, in this situation everything has to be simple. "Berkutyat" jump out from snowdrifts, put all a nose during snow, and, having dressed handcuffs, send malefactors to the nearest regional department of militia. But such happens only at cinema.

Leading parts in thought over before a combination were assigned to two quick employees - the man and the woman. Here is how it was.
Giving out itself for drunk, field investigators approached to a place where in the snow tunnel there was "ZIL" with dynamite. Also arranged "dismantlings", imitating a fight of the husband and the wife, decided to sort out the relations exactly here and at this moment. Thus "lady" kartinno dragged "husband" for hair, kicked him with feet, and the man, being expressed by a perfect "miner's" mat, periodically "dropped" the woman on the earth. It is necessary to recognize, in reality of the events believed both sellers of dynamite, and his buyers, in a body recalculating dynamite checkers before paying for them. To take a look at free "performance", they even got out of the body of the truck curtained by an awning.

Having seized a right opportunity, I as the head of operation, gave militiamen on a handheld transceiver short command: We "work".

Further everything was as in the real cinema. Come up from snowdrifts "беркутята" in fractions of a second laid on the earth of malefactors. Having dressed on them handcuffs, detainees delivered in Zolotovsky city department of militia.

Right after detention I called Ivushkin - at that moment he already was at a position of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kherson area, but development of operation took place in its stay at a position of the first deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region. I reported that realization of our development took place successfully and that persons involved are detained. We said goodbye to mutual wishes of progress.
Following the results of completion of operation I was recommended for a decoration of the Russian Federation - the medal "For Difference on Protection of a Public Order".

And in some days Ivushkin suggested me to pass to it with the first deputy. I couldn't disagree. I liked to work with it, it was convenient to carry out joint activity, understanding each other from a semi-hint.

Since then occurred - work on senior positions, including at a position of the department head of fight against a drug trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine much. I headed Managements of the Department of Internal Affairs of areas four times.

Having held a position of the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Luhansk region, I was simply infinitely grateful to all previous heads of militia of the Luhansk region that they could keep and support that powerful group of quick employees with whom I worked, still being in a position of the chief of criminal investigation department of area. It is very important when constancy remains and there is at collective an opportunity to keep the saved up experience, to increase greatly it and to share knowledge and the abilities got as a result of laborious, daily work with companions.

Being on any leading post it is necessary to remember what the post puts before the person, before the officer the huge mass of the tasks, one of main among them - understanding of that you bear responsibility for a large number of people, behind your back employees with the difficulties, problems and you are responsible for everyone.

And I am proud of that managed to enclose a particle of the knowledge, the desire and ability to work in education of several generals, heads of high level.It and Mikhail Eselsky holding a post of the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson area, Gennady Podroyko, the former chief of the Department of Internal Affairs in Odessa region, Yury Tolstikov, the former chief of one of Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Valery Litvin heading regional militia and holding at present a position of the deputy chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs Department.

And position, and any, though high, but it only position. And here the detective is a vital calling. And it remains with the person for the rest of life, what positions he wouldn't hold. With special feeling years of service in UUR Department of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk region are remembered. Thus forever, probably, there are in memory lightest memories of that time and of those faithful companions: Igor Maleev, Victor Efimenko, Nikolay Rashchupkin, Irina Ivashchenko, and many others with which together I became on a criminals way, preserving rest and a dream of simple citizens of the country.

There is a wish to mark out people who truly are my teachers and without which probably never I would take place neither as the detective nor as the general as the head. It both Yury Cherkasov, and Vladimir Evdokimov, the general - the militia colonel, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, both Evgeny Kurennoy, and Mikhail Radkevich, both Alexander Parfimenko, and Anatoly Kostin, and Valery Solovyov. After all it is very important when formation of essence human happens under the influence of People really from capital letter.


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